24 October 2011

emily sent me this.

it's a-maz-ing. brb shame cube.

oh and it's totesSFW, jicyww.

rick genest hawks make-up

thx joey tony!

QB # 3.....nbd.

True freshman quarterback Justin Worley will start Saturday when Tennessee takes on No. 14 South Carolina at Neyland Stadium on Saturday.
Worley, a Rock Hill, S.C., native who broke numerous state passing records, replaces senior Matt Simms, who struggled over the past two weeks against No. 1 LSU and No. 2 Alabama.
"We're not throwing and catching the way we need to and we're not calling the game the way we want to," coach Derek Dooley said today at his weekly press conference. "We just need to make this move.
"It's not something that's done on a whim. We have a lot of data to make a switch. We don't have a lot of data on Justin."
Worley hadn't seen the field until the fourth quarter of Saturday's 37-6 loss at Alabama. Worley didn't attempt the pass, as UT (3-4, 0-4 SEC) fumbled on the first play of his first possession and was pinned to its own goal line on its final possession. (via)
i'm sure everything will be fine. just fine.

set your tivos!

martha stewart's halloween special!

tonight at 8pm!

russell brand on #occupywallstreet

One of the movement’s significant principles is that there are no appointed leaders. That said, there are more experienced and pragmatic inhabitants to whom Daniel and I chatted. We were given a tour of the site and in spite of the lashing rain and gales, which I, of course regarded as the winds of change and cleansing rain, all we encountered were bonhomous and welcoming. Much more than I’d anticipated. Let’s face facts, one of the campaign’s few edicts is to provide the unrepresented 99% with a voice, had I, when I fitted into that demographic, chanced upon a touring celebrity I would have used that voice to tell him to fuck off, no matter how nice his scarf was. 
Perhaps it is this ambience of inclusion, of acceptance and indeed of love that has brought #OccupyWallStreet such success. There is a remarkable absence of anger and resentment which is why the movement resonates so deeply. Is this movement’s implicit goal to reengage our humanity? To reach beyond the political, the national and other illusory, temporary concepts and into our true, spiritual nature? (via)


tompkins square held its annual puppy costume parade over the weekend. get a load of these guys!

that might be the cutest thing i've ever seen.

have you been hearing about the hipster cop?

he's a (possi-gay?) NYPD detective that dresses trendily. the internet loves him. the new york times is even on top of things, for once. here's a recent interview in GQ.
GQ: Tell me about what you're wearing today.
Rick Lee: This is pretty average for me. For work anyway. The jacket and cardigan are Ralph Lauren. The tie is Burberry. The shirt is Ralph Lauren, too. These are J.Crew pants. And Ralph Lauren shoes. Lot of Ralph Lauren. My best friend works for Ralph Lauren.
GQ: What are your duties down at Occupy Wall Street?
Rick Lee: Just to give you some background: I do Community Affairs down at the First Precinct. There's basically one of me—not as smashingly dressed, in every precinct. It's my job in general to be the liaison between the precinct and the community we serve. We serve, oddly enough, SoHo—big fashion area, TriBeCa, and Battery Park City. Basically from Houston St. down to the Battery. My specific job being down here watching the guys who bang on the drums is to keep the peace. Between not only the police and the protesters, but also the protesters and the community.
GQ: Are you sympathetic to the movement?
Rick Lee: It's hard to say that because everyone in the Park has their own agenda of why they're here. Like I could talk to a guy and he could be upset that he gets taxed, and I can understand that because I get taxed every two weeks when I get paid. But somebody else might be into, like, Communism or something. Which I'm not really into. I can't relate politically that way. But people have their right to voice their opinion in America. They have a right to demonstrate. It's a good thing. But there's probably 200 people in the park right now and 400 different opinions of why they're here. Though, generally, a lot of well-read, very smart, very articulate people are here. I've become friends with a few people. It's kinda cool.


fall downs.

CANT - believe

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