13 January 2012

NeRd aLeRt: "The Low Line "

Some group of idiots want to create a High-Line style park...underground in a former trolley terminal beneath Delancey Street at the foot of the Williamsburg Bridge.  Here's the proposed location and a picture of the original space:

According to this sketch, the park would be lit with solar collectors above ground which would pipe sunlight through fiber optic cables and distribute the light with underground diffusers.
It actually sounds pretty interesting, but ultimately the thought of an underground dimly light park in the LES seems like a glorified homeless shelter.  For example, this indoor park at the Deutsche Bank on Wall Street is above ground and it's homeless chess player city.  Just sayin'.  Looks pretty though.
Fun fact, Starla and I met at The Delancey where we tricked a very drunk JVM into buying us many drinks until the bartender told on us like a little bitch.  Happy belated birthday Starla!
[Delancey Underground]


got him.

newt gingrich must be a carpenter. thx midge.

look at this curious item

 Found on the floor in the middle school. Just practicing, I guess.

good news for the vols

after the alabama crimson periods won the SEC national championship, we stole their linebackers coach Sal Sunseri to be our new defensive coordinator. even better news, sports illustrated named him the 2011 recruiter of the year.

  "The chance to work with Derek Dooley, who has been around championships and knows what it takes to build an elite program, combined with the rich tradition of the University of Tennessee, makes this opportunity so exciting to me," Sunseri said of the Volunteers' head coach and program, in a statement. "I am fired up to work with all of the young talent on the defensive side of the ball, and I can't wait to get up to Knoxville and coach them."

 now lets go get some Ws in a couple months.

rip eleanor...

It is with a heavy heart that i share that Eleanor, the fantastic feline of 2pz friends Sara and Sean has passed. You were an incredibly sweet and accommodating kitty. Thanks for making our trip to Knoxville that much more special. Our hearts go out to Sara and Sean.

nErD aLeRt!

not much else needs to be said.
this blog is created by a classmate of mine. a classmate who also went to undergrad at tennessee. it's been scooped by archinect. go vols.

wes anderson's new movie

I'm a sucker for Wes Anderson, Bill Murray, Edward Norton, Frances Mcdormand and Tilda Swinton. can't. wait.


it was pooping snowflakes and raindrops outside when i made this one. now the sun is exploding out of the sky.

at any rate, i hope you like the wintry mix.

thomas wilhelm's summer house was raided

"WESTCHESTER TOWNSHIP | A day after 55 dogs were removed from a rural home, police and animal control officers returned and took another 27 dogs.
Sgt. Larry LaFlower, public information officer with the Porter County Sheriff's Department, said even with at least four trucks taking multiple trips from the site Wednesday, officers were unable to remove all the dogs from the farmhouse on County Road 1400 North." source

Take it easy with the dogs, TW!

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