28 March 2012


This is Richard Hayne, President and CEO of Urban Outfitters. He’s also a supporter of Rick Santorum and donated over $13,000 to him. He’s against gay marriage and abortion.

His company pulled a pro-gay shirt back in 08, they also blatantl...y ripped off an Etsy designers work, featured a t-shirt for women that said “eat less” and most recently had a card with a “tranny” slur on in.

He also owns Anthropologie and Free People.

guess turns back the clock

To mark its 30th anniversary,  returns to their roots with a new campaign featuring the iconic Claudia Schiffer

i try to say goodbye and i choke

Last night on Conan, she gave a horn-spackled piano-pop rendition of My Chemical Romance's bouncy glam-punk sing-a-along "Teenagers." Gray took the stage with wildly upswept hair and a sparkly avocado-green gown, and she was backed by not only an eight-piece band (!) but also, on the last couple of "Hey Jude"-style choruses, some actual kids. via

best coast - the only place

here's a song about california, and i am convinced. look how much that bear loves it.

did you know iggy azalea is a$ap rocky's gf?

this is me-n-dave's new JAM.
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