19 January 2010

its not yet too late

to wish a happy birthday to one of my idols... DOLLY PARTON

we love you dolly, and we always will. keep on trucking.

this one goes out to djv

"that brings me back to boston" -g.animalz

i don't think this will be good for anybody.

h8-e included:

Billboard reports that U2 and Jay-Z, two of the biggest musical entities on the planet, are teaming up to record a charity song for Haitian earthquake relief.
Speaking to the Irish radio station 2FM, U2's the Edge confirmed reports that Swizz Beatz was producing the collaboration: "Last night, we wrote a song... Bono got a call from a producer, Swizz. He and Jay-Z wanted to do something for Haiti. So Bono came up with the phrase on the phone, and last night we were here. We wrote a song-- finished, recorded, and sent it back to them. So that might be the next thing you hear from us!" Billboard reports that the collaboration will probably be sold on iTunes. (via)

thats a special case

from, via

Lady Dior. Lady Rouge

music and lyrics by, Franz Ferdinand; performed by, Marion Cotillard.

listen here, via.

beyonce isn't comfortable in tennis shoes

was there ever any doubt on this question?

GLEE, (spoiler alert)

in addition to celebrating the Golden Globe win for Best TV Show - Musical or Comedy, the newest edition of Entertainment Weekly gives some scoops about what we can expect for the remainder of season 1 and upcoming season 2.

1) Neil Patrick Harris is likey to join the cast for a singalong in an upcoming Joss Whedon directed episode. TV's favorite dancing and singing queer is likely to have a part written special for him.

2) in other gay news, Kurt gets a boyfriend! In a break from previous gay high school tv relationships, the writers plan to turn them into popular power gays at the school.

3) Sue Sylvester is going to be singing Vogue in an upcoming all-Madonna extravaganza episode

4) Jennifer Lopez is reportedly lobbying to get written into an episode (read: desperate for some attention). in this case, glee creator ryan murphy responds, "i dont want to stunt cast too much." (except for maybe bruce springsteen, olivia newton john, eve, idina menzel, nph, etc.)

5) Rachel Berry gets her very own Eve Harrington. (i didnt know who eve harrington was, but its a reference to All About Eve and that archetypal role of the talented young and adoring understudy who begins to upstage the established diva).

story, via. waiting for april 13th.

2sie tigerz t-shirt

rob just sent me a pixie of him wearing the shirt i brought him from boston. it has two kinds of tigers. two.

MacGruber! (movie)

"stick it where the sun dont shine"
"oh, where might that be."
"your butt... up your butt hole..."

"emergency" "break"

the new york times has another hard hitting expose about the Metropolitan Transit Authority. turns out there may be some confusion about the ubiquitous emergency brake in every subway car.

when should it be pulled, what does it do, where does the bunny rabbit come out?

"We think that it is clear,” said Charles Seaton, a spokesman for New York City Transit.

An unscientific survey of riders seemed to suggest otherwise. Of 20 straphangers interviewed last month at the 14th Street-Eighth Avenue station, about half said that they had no idea when the brake should or should not be used. Those who knew that the brake should not be pulled in most situations seemed at a loss to explain when exactly it would be appropriate.

Shiba Inu Puppy Cam

in case you havn't had your daily dose of puppy. click here to get see round 2 of the shina inu puppy cam, the cuteness strikes back. as i post this, they are suckling.

in light of this balmy 47 degree day...

The Hudson River has frozen over as far south as Manhattan only three times in recorded history, according to I.N. Phelps Stokes’s six-volume classic “Iconography of Manhattan Island.” It hasn’t happened since 1821. So this scene, captured by a reader, Harrison Hill, on Wednesday, looking south from the Chelsea waterfront to the skylines of Lower Manhattan and Jersey City, is about as close as we get these days. (via)


coachella 2010 lineup

2sie 2zday!!

2 pawz.


what the?

looks funny

i wish i had a job so i could have my own place to live and pay for cable so i could watch the sundance channel's new show, Be Good Johnny Midgette Weir.

it looks pretty funny. like this clip where johnny and his friend paris are in a bubble bath conducting a faux interview. read the gawker review.

funny (really) coco support signs

some of my favorites:


"whose conan? we love jay. signed, my great grandparents"

JAY WALK-off a short pier

forgot your onesie monday.

this will help you forget my mistake.

oldie but funny-ie

cats and not-their-best features.

anderson cooper, haiti

anderson cooper senses danger during some looting in P-a-P and swoops in like superman and rescues an injured h8-e-an. gives that injured boy the thrill of his life is what it looks like from here. swoon.

lady gaga, haiti

do you luv lady gaga, and feel just terrible about the mushed people in h8-e? then buy this $25 t shirt to wear around to the clurbs and feel satisfied. all proceeds go to h8-e-ans.

You're Welcx

Just trust me

Credit: A.M.

gchatz w/ john

me: john go to work
you're like a child
a sick disabled child
a sick mentally disabled child
john: your mom
me: your face
john: your soul
me: your essence
john: you're welcome
me: your mother's vagina is welcome
john: your mom is the least i could do
me: ctm
good one
john: thanks!

are you paying attention to the australian open?

there is no cable at my house, otherwise i would be serious about watching (its probably on there somewhere right?). when it gets closer to the end, ill be able to watch some parts on network tv i bet.

UPDATE: you can watch online. duh.

bobby gorgeous.

According to his Facebook page and this website, Bobby is a 5-year-old Pomeranian who is known for his impeccable fashion game and many talents (magic and surfing). (via)

thx ktv!


i lol'd out loud all over the bus this morning when i glanced out of the window and noticed a billboard with this picture on it with the words 'claire danes' and 'autism'.

i just don't see myself to be able to take those two things seriously when combined. here's the trailer.

i'm totes gonna oc obvi watch it. i can't wait actually!
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