26 March 2014

dolly Dolly DOLLY

I've been contemplating this post since 3pm on Sunday afternoon and  I will remember that day for the rest of my life. Some of you may have heard the interwebs gossiping about it (scooped by the paparazzi) but here is it...I saw Dolly Parton, faint, #sigh. I was just munchin on some delicious eats at Urban Grub in Nashville, quietly re-hydrating from a wild night post CFP exam, and the next thing I know a little tiny angel walked in the door. I literally was stuck in my chair. I had no idea what to do except squeal...so i did. No one seemed to notice because we all gasped in unison. See the rest of the story via grainy pictures below:
spotted a million miles away...

this is when she sees me-JOY!

i told her she was an angel and then went in for a hug

everybody getting geared up for friday?

"let's tighten them screws up. we can dance a little bit better." -cuonzo

the best part of waking up...

is the growling of your belly for pretend bacon? #ohyahright

"A new alarm app by Oscar Mayer deceives you out of bed every morning to not only the sweet sound of frying bacon, but to the smell as well. A small gadget attached to your iPhone's headphone jack sends a bacon fragrance your way as the alarm sizzles. But, there is no bacon."

This app is like the one I'm sure everyone has already heard about except that you can only get it by WINNING it. Click here to enter. Brought to you by H00sierdaddy via engadget.

a dog

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