10 June 2014

which psychic animal will you get your world cup predictions from?

here are your options:

shaheen and waslawi, the mama and baby camelz. they signal their picks by eating from piles of "mushed up dates" placed next to country flags.

nelly the elephant. i think her method is fairly self-explanatory. 

an unnamed baby panda of china's choosing. the cub (who has been invited to make predictions, but not yet introduced to the world) will climb trees with flags on 'em.


really normal dog stuff

thx emilube!

longest shake shack line in history

i hope you werent planning to enjoy one of those special anniversary edition shake shack burgers we told you about, because...
The original Shake Shack in Madison Square Park opened for business some 30 minutes ago, but it apparently has already attracted the longest line of customers ever recorded in the burger chainlet's ten-year history. Of course, Shake Shack is running a promotion this week in which five notable chefs contributed a limited edition burger, to be served one day only, and only 1,000 of each, so there's that. David Chang's "Shrimp Stack" burger is now being served, and while the ever-trusty Shack Cam shows the line is moving, it also stretches around the park. And then some. (via)

don't never watch this - anything goes!

this is a baby goat stampede.

get acquainted because DUMBO is about to get a goat farm art installation:
Artist Andrea Reynosa, who lives across the street from the “rat-infested, neglected lot” at 1 John Street that will be turned into a 42-condo development this summer, built a 6,000-sq-ft field full of green clovers on the site that will “blush crimson” (i.e. turn red) when the weather warms up.
Reynosa plans to bring in goats to “eat the clover in order to make way for condos,” reports DNAinfo, which is actually pretty neat. The installation, called John Street Pasture “was a great marriage of all of our views, including the developer, of what we wanted to do with the lot. The result is very simple and sparks a conversation about land use and sustainable agriculture in a transitioning city,” said Reynosa. The goat-free version is currently on view. (via)

lena does sia. with sia.

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