10 July 2013

this puppy just made a terrible mistake

(going to staten island)

these white ladies are crackin my shit up

leave dreamgirls alone white ladies. not for you. click the link to view a gallery of white ladies who didn't get the memo.

ohaye new boat friend. want to share my snack pack?

thx melissa


A Central Texas resident Sarah Slamen brought down the hammer of citizen justice on the Senate Health and Human Services Committee's anti-choice members with an excoriation for the ages — until she was unceremoniously shut down by Chairwoman Jane Nelson (R) mid-speech, and then dragged away by four DPS Troopers. (via)

bubba watson's hover cart

sure, why not?

on your list of things to do today should be "listen to ciara's new album"

work! work! work! work! work! work! work!
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