20 May 2011

way to go, tennessee.

NASHVILLE - A measure that would prohibit the teaching of homosexuality in Tennessee public schools has passed the Senate.
Under the proposal approved 19-11 today, any instruction or materials at a public elementary or middle school will be "limited exclusively to age-appropriate natural human reproduction science."
Republican Senate sponsor Stacey Campfield of Knoxville says "homosexuals don't naturally reproduce."
Campfield says current state curriculum is not clear on what can be taught.
The companion bill has been withdrawn from consideration in the House. But its sponsor has said he will bring it up again next year if the Senate version passes.
According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, Tennessee would become the first state to enact such legislation if the proposal passes.
Opponents of the legislation say it would be unfair to students who have same sex parents. (via)

i should point out that stacey campfield (that name is super gay, btw) is from EAST tennessee. where rob is from.

gingrich is a nutjob.

and also, this.

read this right away.

in the latest issue of nymag, roseanne illuminates the tumultuous experience of creating and starring in the first great feminist television series. it's quite riveting.
It didn’t take long for me to get a taste of the staggering sexism and class bigotry that would make the first season of Roseanne god-awful. It was at the premiere party when I learned that my stories and ideas—and the ideas of my sister and my first husband, Bill—had been stolen. The pilot was screened, and I saw the opening credits for the first time, which included this: CREATED BY MATT WILLIAMS. I was devastated and felt so betrayed that I stood up and left the party. Not one person noticed.
I confronted Marcy under the bleachers on the sound stage when we were shooting the next episode. I asked her how I could continue working for a woman who had let a man take credit for my work—who wouldn’t even share credit with me—after talking to me about sisterhood and all that bullshit. She started crying and said, “I guess I’m going to have to tell Brandon [Stoddard, then president of ABC Entertainment] that I can’t deliver this show.” I said, “Cry all you want to, but you figure out a way to put my name on the show I created, or kiss my ass good-bye.” (via)


that b kid's a regular finn hudson. watch out for 1:09!!!   thx joey tony!

whats up kelis, nobodys mad

calvin harris - bounce, feat. kelis
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