23 August 2012

my new obsession with korea

Last night I watched this (netflix streaming) BBC documentary called "A State of Mind." In 2003, the film crew followed the daily lives of two young North Korean rhythmic gymnasts as they prepared for the annual MASS games, which is sort of like North Korean political theater mixed with the Hunger Games. Remember how awesome the Beijing opening ceremonies were? Its like that. North Korea is so highly secretive of what goes on inside, so it was really fascinating to get a glimpse at the daily lives of these girls and their families.
They hate Americans, they have nightly blackouts and air raid drills, they have state radio speakers installed in every apartment that can't be turned off, and only one tv channel that is also state run. Did you every read  Brave New World?

Then today, I got a little taste of South Korean insight when I read this article about the subtle social commentary embedded in the pop hit Gangnam Style. I realized that I know hardly nothing about this little Asian peninsula, but that I am definitely missing out. There is this new breed of consumer there "called Doenjangnyeo, or "soybean paste women" for their propensity to crimp on essentials so they can over-spend on conspicuous luxuries, of which coffee is, believe it or not, one of the most common." Who wants to go to koreatown for some karaoke and BBQ?

so, you never want to step foot in another uniqlo as long as you live, but you are addicted to the prices and the basic stylishness of their clothes?

good news: they are going to start selling online this fall. get your credit cards ready!

the way things are going, thomas wilhelm is never going to have to leave his apartment again!

music video thursday

major lazer (feat. amber coffman) - get free. this song has been on repeat all summer.

grimes - genesis #thisbitch

emerging r+b artist miguel performs "adorn" at PS1

what is starla saying?

i cant read lips, but i know she looks cray.

fat penguin

at the london zoo they are weighing and measuring every animal, including this chubby penguin. more here. thx flim

glitzy the gay pig

via @richjuz

also a hot slut of the day

in chloe news...

Beloved indie film actress turned beloved television actress Chloƫ Sevigny, in addition to her upcoming duties as "Shelly the Nymphomaniac" on the new mental asylum-set season of American Horror Story, is joining the cast of Portlandia for the wacky, bobo hipster-skewing IFC show's third season. She'll be playing some lady who moves in with the two leads, Fred and Carrie, and, I dunno, probably does silly stuff. There's no word on how many episodes she's going to be in, but it sounds like maybe more than one? Which is very exciting! Who doesn't like Chloƫ Sevigny? And she's a perfect fit for Portlandia. In that, y'know, she can kind of make fun of herself. Of course she's more glam indie than crunchy indie, which is the show's chief focus, but it's all kind of tangled up with each other at this point, isn't it? Anyway, point is, this is good news. (via)

8 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

originally purblished in august 2009.

omg, tomorrow is the last saturday without football for MONTHS! the countdown continues...

10. the pride of the southland band
9. smokey
8. "rocky top"

i'll tell you what, i don't even know where to start with this one. we're all familiar with the inescapable heart flutter that accompanies a good listen at this song. tennessee's unofficial fight song is regarded far-and-wide as one of the most recognizable in all of college football. it's fast pace and upbeat tempo makes the volunteer spirit soar, and nothing gets a neyland stadium crowd more excited.

legend has it that "rocky top" was written in under 10 minutes (click that....trust me) at an inn nestled in the fabled mountain town of gatlinburg in 1967. the song was first performed by the osborne brothers, but peaked in popularity in 1970, when lynn anderson's version reached number 17 on the music charts! since then, "rocky top" has been cemented as a staple of southern tradition.

of course, my favorite version of the song is performed by the pride of the southland marching band, and they'll use just about any excuse to belt it out! you're sure to hear it after every touchdown, and during 'slow' games, i've even seen it played to celebrate the other team getting a penalty. i once heard an anecdote that then-florida-coach and notorious vol-hater steve spurrier was so vocal about his disdain for the tune, that the band made a special effort to play it as often as possible when visiting "the swamp", averaging 45 plays per florida-away-game!

8 minutes of big orange pageantry!

i think we can all agree that you haven't lived until you've experienced the rush of anticipation leading up to the moment you finally get to yell out that trademark "woo!" so, everyone get your stompin' shoes polished and ready, because we'll be hollerin' again in just 8 short days!!

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dolly parton singing "rocky top"
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