22 August 2012

puppy wednesday continues...

with a tail of woe from memphis. everyone's favorite yellow lab, yella bear, went swimming in a pond and got a gigantic thorn in his paw. it was so big that it required minor surgery to remove it. they put him under general anesthesia and then gave him a sedative, so when he came out he was pretty stoned. that in concert with wearing a dopey cone made for some hearty laughs.

here's the thorn. check out the blood!

Here he is with a shameful cone on his face. note the bandage on his leg.

bobama is on a diet

president obama said: "Bo is on a diet right now and will eat anything he sees."

bo knows. diets are tough. via

a box turtle's wild adventure

some real jerks in california taped a turtle to a bunch of balloons and sent him aloft. he was discovered later twisted up in some trees, and the fire department showed up to cut him down. the outrage of the witnesses in this story is palpable. what if the turtle just wanted to take a trip? thx for the tip melissa

what is patty halley doing?

getting some toothy mouth hugs from his puppy, pilot.

thx patty!

here comes the hand of god to wipe the republican scourge from the earth

as we speak, tropical storm isaac is gathering strength and is forecast to be a category 2 hurricane directly over tampa, florida on monday night. you might remember that the grand old party has their mitt romney party scheduled at exactly the same time. things are getting serious and the mayor of tampa is threatening to shut the whole thing down. stay tuned. source source

royal prince hotness

everyone's favorite red headed royal was staying at the wynn in las vegas and got rowdy in the pool with everyone's favorite douchebag swimmer, ryan lochte. then he got rowdy (and naked) in his suite with some trashbags he picked up in the hotel lobby. TMZ has pics. Michael K has a field day.

9 DAYS!!!!!!!!!

originally purblished in august 2009.

welcome back to my special new 2Pz series:
10 things i love about tennessee football!!
let's just jump right back in...

10. the pride of the southland band


having an adorable puppy for a mascot is certainly nothing to sneeze at, and you can rest knowing that we vols don't take this regal creature for granted. known colloquially as the bluetick coonhound, this magnificent breed is easily recognized for its distinctive coloring, caused by a unique mixing of black and white fur. just like the vols he represents, smokey is "muscular and speedy, not chunky or clumsily built. the head is carried well up and the tail carried over the back, without signs of fear or nervousness."

smokey's proud posturing is his way of telling you not to mess with him. just ask the alabama player who got a little too close during a pre-game warm-up. there's no need to be frightened however. so long as you treat ol' smokes with the respect he commands, he'll have you scratching his soft belly in no time!

ever wonder how we got so lucky?? me too. here's a little anecdote of how smokey came to be our mascot:

"Smokey was selected as the mascot for Tennessee after a student poll in 1953. A contest was held by the Pep Club that year. Their desire was to select a coon hound that was native to Tennessee. At halftime of the Mississippi State game that season, several hounds were introduced for voting. "Blue Smokey", owned by a Rev. Bill Brooks was the last, and howled loudly when introduced. The students cheered and Smokey became the mascot."

the result has become a tradition which has continued to flourish for 56 years. today's smokey is our 9th, and i think i speak for all vols when i say i look forward to saluting him for decades to come!

git 'em, smoke!
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