02 November 2010

i love delicious popcorn


logo rainbow by dan meth


cinematic gold!


stfu rufus.

this is sort of like a debut performance too

here is a new amy winehouse track from a quincy jones tribute album. produced by mark ronson, natch

willow turned 10 years old on halloween.

then she turned the world upside down on ellen today. GAH!

daily willow smith

on ellen. pays tribute to rihanna before launching into her first televised live performance of whip my hair. werk it out.

i voted today

some crack-em up jokes for your hearing pleasure.

this is not...going...well.


RIP wheel of fortune announcer.


i got a little embearassed this morning...

...when i read this passage:
In culture, the Hipster Primitive moment recovered the sound and symbols of pastoral innocence with an irony so fused into the artworks it was no longer visible. Music led the artistry of this phase, and the period’s flagship publication, the record-review website and tastemaker Pitchfork, picked up as Vice declined. Here are the names of some significant bands, post-2004: Grizzly Bear, Neon Indian, Deerhunter, Fleet Foxes, Department of Eagles, Wolf Parade, Band of Horses, and, most centrally, Animal Collective. (On the electronic-primitive side, LCD Soundsystem.) Listeners heard animal sounds and lovely Beach Boys–style harmonies; lyrics and videos pointed to rural redoubts, on wild beaches and in forests; life transpired in some more loving, spacious, and manageable future, possibly of a Day-Glo or hallucinatory brightness. It was not unheard of to find band members wearing masks or plush animal suits.
...of this article, while listening to this:

hooray for earth - rolling/nectarine
beach boy harmonies: check. animal sounds: check.

also, i really liked this part:
Of course, there are artists of hipster-related sensibility who remain artists. In the neighborhoods, though, there was a feeling throughout the last decade that the traditional arts were of little interest to hipsters because their consumer culture substituted a range of narcissistic handicrafts similar enough to sterilize the originals. One could say, exaggerating only slightly, that the hipster moment did not produce artists, but tattoo artists, who gained an entire generation’s arms, sternums, napes, ankles, and lower backs as their canvas. It did not produce photographers, but snapshot and party photographers: Last Night’s Party, Terry Richardson, the Cobra Snake. It did not produce painters, but graphic designers. It did not yield a great literature, but it made good use of fonts. And hipsterism did not make an avant-garde; it made communities of early adopters.
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