20 July 2011


chickens. dont. CLAP!

michael and women? a-coodle-doodle-dooooooooo.

what is kismet doing?!


look at this terribly behaved leopard!



penn state named #2 douchiest school in all of america, and maybe the world, by GQ.

also, florida came in at #10.

50 states : 50 designs

guess who liz herber met today.


i heard she mentioned "the great state of tennessee!"

liz. tell. us. everything.

sara jane recommends...

...that you look at tom hardy's muscles.

thx sj!

i bet y'all'll be glad...

...when that hunger games poster is out of here.

won't y'all?

this is 11 biscuits, for real.

i never want to encourage justin timberlake, but here he is doing what he does best.

how you like your eggs?

we forgot to tell you about this wonderful music we were introduced to over the weekend by some boys from strong island. presenting.....turquoise jeep!

and did i mention i like to dance?


27 bears old?!?!!? ...28?
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