27 November 2013

i want to be just like robert wilson when i grow up

twin shadow covers U2's "with or without you"

not bad.

better stock up on your sriracha

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge believes that the humans of Irwindale, California, are more important than Sriracha, the life-giving hot sauce with the comforting rooster on the bottle. That judge ordered the company that makes Sriracha hot sauce to shut down its Irwindale processing plant, which local residents say produced fumes that burned their eyes and throats. (via)

this little kid knows funny


old timey thanksgiving parade baloons

you guys, i'm really in the thanksgiving spirit this year. how about you? here are some old photos of parade balloons that some assert are creepy, but i think they're GREAT!

ashanti has a new single - "i got it"

this teaser trailer was crackin kylie's shit up last night

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