16 August 2012

THIS JUST IN: thomas wilhelm witnessed a fire on his vacation

from flim thomas wilhelm

dave, youre a teacher... i need to know what happened here. give me the scoop.

White Station High forfeits football opener because of alleged hazing incident

UPDATE: from the commercial appeal comments section, so please take with a grain of salt

"Someone got beat up, supposedly to make the first game lucky to help them win. The choice was made that it had to be a small, white freshman on the team. The freshman told the principal, and the entire football team was called to a meeting. Five students were suspended. About an hour after they were called, over the intercom, a lecture was given about hazing and how the game would be canceled. People, angry about the cancelation, had a huge riot after school today. Multiple people were hurt, and many police cars were at the scene."

what do you think thomas wilhelm is doing during his vacation?


oh yeah, its 2pz sister MELISSA's bearthdie too!

happy bearthdie dummy! i love you!!!

today is a very special lady's birthday

happy 54th bday madge

instagram update!

In a bid to capture more location data from its users, the latest version of Instagram's photo-sharing app has introduced a new feature called Photo Maps, a kind of digital photo album organized according to where in the world snapshots were taken.
"The vision is to make geo-data more prevalent and have users produce more of this data," said Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom, whose company Facebook agreed to purchase for $1 billion. "We want 90 percent of photos to be geo-tagged because we can do more powerful things with that data."
The chronological feed of photos shown on Instagram users' profiles will be supplemented with an interactive map, a.k.a. the Photo Map, that highlights where each image was taken, right down to a specific neighborhood or even venue, if a user has chosen to geo-tag his or her picture. Any previously uploaded pictures that were tagged with location information can be added to this "geographic" album.
Photo Maps offers a little something for everyone. Instagrammers who post location information with their snapshots are rewarded with a more beautiful and orderly way of organizing their images. Though Instagram has always allowed users to geo-tag photos, with Photo Maps, the app has finally given them an incentive to do so. (via)

recent anderson cooper news roundup

1) right after he officially came out, some photos of his boyfriend kissing some other dude showed up (via)

2) shortly following that, anderson and bravo exec andy cohen posted pictures of the same sunset in croatia where they are apparently on vacation together (via)

3) also kelly ripa and her hot ass hispanic husband are there too (via)

4) five months ago honey boo boo child called anderson a "poodle" which is apparently her ADORABLE pet name for gay people (via)

the mississippi is drying up

you may have heard that the mighty mississip isn't doing so great. i'm not going to point any literal fingers, but it had plenty of water in it before you-know-whom showed up in memphis. which just HAPPENS to touch the river. just insinuating...

anyway, while GPP has been getting all the rain it needs to sustain a healthy and enjoyable life, there are tales of drought affecting a large swath of the rest of the country. i hadn't noticed. but it did bring to mind how timely the new ken burns joint, the dust bowl, is gonna be when it comes out in november. here's the trailer!

can't WAIT!

not the freshest piece of internet, but whatever

here are the ladies of throwing shade being real funny.

Have you eaten at Aldo's in Memphis?

Yella Bear's mom is a working girl who greets gentlemen there in the evenings. They have  BBQ pizza like most places, but get this... they put coleslaw on top!

Get in line.

I wonder if our pizza friday correspondent could possibly maybe review a slice?

a fashion post

nymag compiled a list of the 50 Most Scandalous Dresses in History. i flipped through and liked it and thought i would share it with you.

Some highlights:
Lady Gaga meat dress
J-Lo slutty Versace Grammy dress
Monica Lewinsky's cum stained blue dress
Bjork's swan dress
etc, etc

what's mr. erin doing?

staring at me, mostly.

great photo feature

do you have a lot of minutes to look at pictures? relive the games here. or maybe try to forget them if you are this gentleman...

remember session 9?

this guy tried to save the danvers state hospital (featured prominently in that creepy movie) from being demolished. when his efforts failed, he bought the creepy turret and put it on his house. also, "the rumor that he also managed to salvage a lobotomy machine is false, he says, as lobotomies were done with needles, but yes, he does have some of those."
he's coming for you!
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