28 October 2014

your fortnightly boat.

this is the norwegian spy vessel, marjata (III)! her wedge shape was a revolutionary maritime advancement back in 1992, designed to stalk the russian military in the roughest of northern seas. needless to say, the russians can't stand her, and often try to run her off. just like whale wars but for people. read this, it's chock-full of drama, as well as  a sneak peek at the marjata IV!

marjata, i can see your halo lifeboat.

sharon van etten - your love is killing me

i see you, sailor bar. i see you, BHP.

lucius - hey, doreen

the voice report

taylor swift is a guest coach on the judge on the voice this week, everybody. y'all know how i feel about her, but i kept my mind open. she was a helpful, competent advisor, and also a total weirdo. she made adam look stupid, which i liked. she seemed legitimately nervous around pharell and gwen, which i also liked.

this was my fave performance of the night, and it somehow wasn't good enough to stay. at this point, i would like to go on record by saying "trend alert": the judges have allowed three (3) excellent black female performers to be eliminated. i don't care for this trend.

also, this. this guy's probs my second fave (#teamelyjuh).

and i'll show you this one because i can't stand this bitch, but the coaches think she's just great. this is the second ellie goulding song she's done in a row and i wish she'd stop it.

if you're #teamelyjuh don't worry, he will be performing tonight. in the preview they show gwen making a dramatic steal, after which she stands up and exclaims "i feel like i just won the voice!" wonder what that's about.

gawker recap.

nErD aLeRt!

from november 7th to 9th 2014, the inner city of berlin will be temporarily divided by a light installation featuring 8,000 glowing white balloons, commemorating the 25th anniversary since the fall of the wall. ‘LICHTGRENZE‘ (border of light), will trace an approximately 15 km long segment of the former course of the wall that once separated the city in two. developed by bauderfilm and WHITEvoid, the luminous installation evokes the candle-bearing demonstrators throughout the GDR to emphasize their peaceful intentions, and acts as a visually powerful symbol for the magnitude the wall spanned and its bearing over inhabitants. (via)
thx beeun!
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