10 November 2011

daily ri-ri

here's a preview of a new ri-ri song from her upcoming album. it's called "drunk on love" and it sample's the xx's "intro". it sounds....awesome.

the original:

everybody in cords

i was really trying to find a video of the gap commercial homage to west side story. there is this, but i don't like the quality. remember all those great commercials? im listening to the west side story broadway cast recording because I watched glee last night. Did you see glee? Santana makes one mean Anita.


watch some berkeley police poke the shit out of some student protesters.
As reported by the Oakland Tribune, yesterday Berkeley students held a rally to protest privatization and increased education costs. To show solidarity with the Occupy Everywhere movement, some of the protesters set up tents on Sproul Plaza. When riot gear cops showed up to remove the tents, the students reportedly "linked arms and formed a circle" around their camp. Naturally, this resulted in a showdown, police batons a-waving, and multiple arrests. According to the Daily Californian, seven protesters were led away in cuffs, while several others were treated for stomach, arm, and head injuries caused by those batons. (via)
ouch ouch OUCH!

i love nancy pelosi!

there. i said it.

there are three parts. i recommend watching them all. my favorite moments are when 1) she says "bless their hearts" about the republicans, and 2) she says the answer to all of our problems is more women in politics.

i guess i've never heard him speak before.


also, last night there were some RiOtS!!!
The scandal, and the fallout from it, has left Penn State’s normally placid campus in a state of shock. Scores of students poured into the streets downtown in the immediate aftermath of the news conference. Many held up cellphones to take pictures and others blew vuvuzelas and air horns. A few climbed lampposts, tried to topple street signs and knocked over trash cans. Others set off firecrackers from the roofs of buildings, and a television news truck was flipped on its side. A lamppost was torn down and police pepper-sprayed some in the crowd. (via)

ours were better.

the republican party is a complete joke.

there. i said it.
"I'm glad I had my boots on tonight," Perry [told reporters]. "I stepped in it out there." [...]
Said Perry: "I may have forgotten Energy, but I haven't forgotten my conservative principles."
Asked by a reporter if that moment was embarrassing, Perry said: "I stepped in it, man. Yeah, it was embarrassing. Of course it was." (via
 no, actually, you LITERALLY forgot your conservative principles.
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