07 September 2011

There's Nothing on TV but 9/11

Today gawker blogger Richard Lawson made reference to Mathnet in his daily trade roundup post.  Omg, do you remember Mathnet?  The dragnet inspired Square One segment where the cops were mathematicians.  I hope you do for the sake of your childhood.  Time to go down a retro PBS rabbit hole!  3-2-1 Contact! Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego!  Reading Rainbow!  Sesame Street!  Here's the Square One theme song.  do do do do do DO DO dooooo. square one!  saxophone solo!

Saxophones almost always make me think of Night Court.  Jesus Christ.  What were people thinking back then.  General retro TV rabbit hole!  227 was set in Washington DC?  I had no idea!  Marla Gibbs!  Jack√©e! My grandmother loved Mama's Family.  And I thought Alan Kayser was kind of hot!  Shut up, there wasn't a lot to look at back then.  The World Trade Center is in the background of some of these videos.  Gulp.  But it's not my fault!  They were still around back then!  When is it going to stop raining!?

Richard also informs us that a couple of assholes are going to make a sequel to one of my favorite movies, Beetlejuice. No thank you.

what.... the... f

Collecting Water in the Sky

Skydrops is a helium inflated balloon designed to collect water by harnessing Mother Nature’s own energy. Spinning in the wind creates energy used to cool metallic sheets with peltier cells within the balloon. As the air passes through the cooled surface, water begins to condensate, and becomes a liquid before falling through a cable to a reservoir at the ground. Designed to fly uninterrupted for up to 2 months, the Skydrop will be able to create up to  50 liters every day.

That's insaaaaaaaaaaaaane. Also. i hope it makes that squeal-y sound like the nerf footballs did.

good idea.

CINCINNATI (AP) -- When quarterback Zach Collaros lines up behind center this week, the only thing he can hear is "Rocky Top." Over and over. Cincinnati coach Butch Jones has the song blaring through the speakers at Nippert Stadium this week, getting his Bearcats ready for a trip to play at Tennessee on Saturday.
The song is played so loud that it's difficult for players to hear one another talk. Students walking near the on-campus stadium can't avoid it, either. Jones says he likes the song because it's catchy and sticks in his head. 
He's getting his players used to hearing it so they don't get caught up in the atmosphere at Neyland Stadium, which seats more than 100,000 fans. Both teams are coming off season-opening wins. (via)

simon's at it again.

what is thomas wilhelm doing this weekend?

i don't understand it...

The member presidents of the Southeastern Conference unanimously voted to accept Texas A&M Tuesday night as the league's 13th member, but the Aggies' official acceptance has been delayed by the potential threat of legal action.
The SEC's presidents want assurances that no individual Big 12 school will sue for contractual interference over Texas A&M's departure. Baylor has not given that assurance to this point, according to sources.
"We were notified yesterday afternoon that at least one Big 12 institution had withdrawn its previous consent and was considering legal action," University of Florida president and SEC chairman Dr. Bernie Machen said in a statement released Wednesday. "The SEC has stated that to consider an institution for membership, there must be no contractual hindrances to its departure.
" The SEC received written assurance from the Big 12 on Sept. 2 that it was free to accept Texas A&M as a member, Machen said.
The Big 12 scheduled a conference call of officials at all 10 member schools for Wednesday afternoon, sources said.
Texas A&M had planned a celebration and news conference at the College Station campus for Wednesday but that is now on hold. (via
...and i won't respond to it. i will inform you, however, that that lovely lady pictured above is texas a&m's mascot, as it turns out. i had no idea!

 thx deej.

jakey = team jessica stanley

what is he wearing? (via)

kittens of three different sizes

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