08 January 2014

meryl streep and emma thompson are adorable and probably better feminists than beyonce

emma thompson won an acting award last night. meryl streep presented the award and delighted the audience with a thoughtful and very touching speech praising her friend and decrying racism and prejudice in the arts.READ IT BITCH.

What We Have All Been Waiting For...

On 25th March 2014, Future Islands will release Singles
their debut album for 4AD via: pitchfork


thats right, I said it!

In non-Beyonce news: Obie the Dachsund puppeh lost all his weight.
For the article click here!
For a video of the workouts click here!

but if you really want a thoughtful critical analysis of beyonce's beyonce...

...then just please listen to this 2-hour-long breakdown by what might be my new favorite podcast, the read. emilube recommended it but she doesn't even read this blog so don't give her any credit.

it fills me with joy that we're still talking about beyonce's beyonce. let's talk about it forever ok?

speaking of chimamanda ngozi adichie

after the release of beyonce's beyonce, i listened to chimamanda on fresh air. i just wanted to know more about who she was and where she came from, and it was very informative in regards to those things. i meant to recommend it to you personally, but i forgot. click here if you are interested!

Best Thing On The Beyonce Album is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

So as everyone has already stated Beyonce's "feminism" on her latest album is extremely contradictory and problematic - Mia McKenzie outlines a lot of the issues and the critiques of the album, the critiques of the critiques and also acknowledges that we can all still love Beyonce and critique the message in the work.
Anyway, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Ted Talk on feminism, which was sampled on the album, is pretty great and worth a full listen. The interesting part to me is that she talks about this notion of "bottom power." Adichie says:"Some people will say, 'Oh, but women have the real power, bottom power.' And for non-Nigerians, “bottom power” is an expression in which I suppose means something like a woman who uses her sexuality to get favors from men. But “bottom power” is not power at all. Bottom power means that a woman simply has a good root to tap into, from time to time, somebody else’s power." What I find interesting is that, to me, this is the issue with the feminism in Beyonce's work. Beyonce is sort of just wielding “bottom power” and not really subverting or negating male power, if you think about it all the more sexual songs are written from that point of view. I wonder if Beyonce got to that point of the lecture and what she thinks about it? Yonce e-mail us plz!

"that pile of garbage saved her life"

a lady in new york fell three stories from her fire escape while she was trying to escape a fire survived relatively uninjured because she landed in a pile of uncollected trash bags. hahahahahah.

What is a Polar Vortex?

It's cold as hell, that's what. How are all our readers? This polar Vortex was cold enough for Robert Vick, an escaped convict, to turn himself back into authorities. #CTM. Bet he wasn't expecting minus 20 wind chill when he escaped in Lexington, KY the other day.
If you are seriously interested in what a polar vortex is you can read here, but in a nutshell it belongs at the North Pole with Santa and needs to go back home.

Speaking of Santa! What were your favorite gifts of 2013?
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