23 June 2011

2Pz dictionary

verb, -nat·e, -nat·ing.

1. To be raped (in the mouth, specifically) by a pomeranian wearing a Donald Duck outfit

pom·in·a'tion n.
pom'i·nant adj.

thomas wilhelm's birthday wishlist

thomas wilhelm's birthday wishlist

tiger buddy blanket!

it wont get out of my head

Maroon 5 ft Christina Aguilera - Moves Like Jagger by joao-ricardoxd
here's the studio version of that maroon 5 song i was telling you about.

commence repeat.


this sheepdog is afraid of sheep!

thomas wilhem's birthday wishlist

a back-n-belly pillah!

and here's a question.

remember when cee-lo was awesome? 15 years ago when he was in one of the best southern rap groups of all time, goodie mob?

i do.

"beautiful skin"

"forget you" sucks. and so does gnarls barkley.

there, i said it.
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