20 August 2013

help the knoxville zoo name their baby red pandas

you can submit suggestions for the name-the-red-pandas contest right HERE!

and don't bother submitting "chips and salsa", "cherry and blossom", "noodles and dumpling" or "pat and phil", because i've already taken care of those.

and i believe bun-bun's on top of "ching chong and ping pong"....

hollaback app

has anyone ever caught your attention on the street with the clear intention of making your shit day even more shitty? something about your outfit or sexuality or big butt or bust size? well now New York City has a streamlined app called hollaback that will allow you to swiftly file a formal complaint that will be processed and collected to create a network of empowered victims.

download that bitch and get to reporting! things are worse than ever!

martha stweart is getting her hair did

introducing....SUNNY OBAMA!!!

thx deej!
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