30 July 2013

nicki minaj's new perfume bottle

i think this would look so good on thomas wilhelm's cabinet of curiosities.

reminds me of this.

oh wow, christina aguilera is skinny again



i didn't know....you could DO that.

with raccoons....


gchatz w/ thomas wilhelm

John: oh, sorry, i have to change the subject really quickly. speaking of serial killers
me: k
John: i was walking down broadway
and this guy comes up behind me singing opera or something
just sort of shrieking
so i avoided him and let him pass
wanted to keep my distance
that was probably at like 20th and broadway
then i was on 5th at about 24th
and i see this tall thin well dressed black guy
and i like the shirt he's wearing
so i sort of turn to get a better look as he passed me
and i hear someone say "i saw you look BEEEYUUUUTCH!"
me: omg ctmol
John: and for a moment i just keep walking looking forward
not sure what just happened
so i turn around, and i'm just sure it's going to be someone i know
and it's that weird guy who was shrieking
and my mouth falls open a little, and i say, "i just liked his shirt!"
me: omg you engaged?
John: and he goes, "it's okay, we ALLL look."
and we went on our merry little ways
me: aaaaahahahahha
John: it was so fucking weird

de Blasio update!

thanks to anthony weiner's stupidity, 2Pz-endorsed mayoral candidate, 2Pz twitter follower, and dreamboat bill de blasio is now polling second, behind christine quinn, who is probably our second choice.

my name is kylie, and i am a fan of the new robin thicke album.

i didn't want to like it, but despite the substitution of a number for 4 a word at every opporunity, i do. i like "give it 2 u". i like "go stupid 4 u". i like "ain't no hat 4 that".

i like them all!

the ladies of OITNB

couple of features on the internet of some of the actresses from 2Pz new fave show:

click here to chat with laverne cox, who we saw in madison square park on friday and who plays sophia.

click here to get to know taryn manning, who plays pennsyltucky, and apparently only poses for sexy pixies otherwise.

tell us in the comments who your favorite character is. mine's crazy eyes.
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