17 August 2010

black swan

yay natalie portman! and look... mila kunis is still working. awesome!

september 21st :: gleek out

new promo

its fun to report memphis music news

memphis band and anointed pitchfork darlings magic kids released an album today named memphis. support the local music scene and buy a copy.

please welcome, american lisbeth salander!!

someone you've never heard of!

Sony announced today that Rooney Mara (The Social Network) will play pixie hacker Lisbeth Salander in its three-picture adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy, under the direction of David Fincher. (via)

this concludes the portion of the day where i re-blog all of gawker.

i think.

RIP michael douglas.

well, not yet.

he does have throat cancer, though.

but they think he'll be just fine after some chemo.

justin bieber

slowed down 800%. (via)

nErD aLeRt!

look at these awesome electrical pylons iceland might get!

i just love them.

happy belated BEARTHDAY melissa!!!!!!

25 bears old!

(this bear's hiding up in a tree because he forgot to wish his sister a happy bearthday on his blog that she loves and on which she has been waiting all year to be recognized...)

keekerz speakerz

new ra ra riot album streaming on npr.

oh and also,
s. carey (of bon iver) solo album streaming on npr.

totes awesome.

whales, boats, lasers, design, old-timey stuff...what else can you ask for in a nytimes article, you know?
Built in New Bedford, Mass., a bustling port known as the whaling capital of the world, the Morgan sailed the globe for eight decades in pursuit of leviathans, escaping fire and cannibals, Confederate raiders and Arctic ice. She brought home thousands of barrels of whale oil that lighted homes and cities. She also delivered tons of baleen, the horny material from the mouths of certain whales that was made into buggy whips and corset stays. In 1941, its centenary, the Morgan was towed to Mystic Seaport for museum display and in 1966 was named a national historic landmark.
To learn as much as possible about the old ship and ensure its successful restoration, the specialists here are turning to the art and science of imaging.
They are deploying lasers and portable X-ray machines, laptops and forensic specialists, cameras and recorders, historians and graphic artists to tease out hidden details of the ship’s construction and condition. The project, begun in 2008, is producing a revealing portrait. It shows the exact placement and status of many thousands of planks, ribs, beams, nails, reinforcing pins, wooden pegs and other vital parts of the Morgan, giving shipwrights a high-tech guide for the rebuilding of the historic vessel.(via)
thx lilly!

a person in sheep's clothing.

watch all the way 'til the end. it totally pays off.

from huffpo's list of craziest campaign videos.

thx liz!

the last straw

dear kid cudi,

you've officially bored me to death. i'm done playin' with you.

goodbye forever,

sara is swinging

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