27 March 2012

my mom's seatmate on the airplane this evening.


i thought this was thomas wilhelm.

he cracks me up about 10 times a day when i spot him through my new work windah. see him just a-sittin' and a-spinnin'?

CocoRosie is so weird

and i like it!

baltimorihanna's nonsensical and awesome music video for boom boom

the other hot young female rapper named after a flowering bush

iggy azalea is an australian lady who is an up and coming hip hop star in the US. she and azealia banks have already started an internet feud (presumably over their shared regard for bushy flowers) and this "murda bizness" is the lead single from her upcoming debut album. not quite the song of the summer, but still pretty sickening.

happy bearthdie mies van der rohe!

surprise soldier homecoming: puppy edition

who's your favorite? mine's marmaduke.

how do i get my hands on an owl?

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