07 September 2012

things i stole from carly kiel's facebook today

I apologize to those of you who were already aware of this, but it has come to my attention that "Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan" is an anagram of "My ultimate Ayn Rand porn" and I believe I would be failing in my responsibilities as a friend/family member/human being not to pass along this incredible piece of information. thanks carly!

andy roddick used to be a tennis star, now he is just nothing

watch his farewell speech after he lost (again).

elizabeth taylor and montgomery clift

read this article

kylie is going to love this article about weather

did you know she controls the weather? do you remember that mid 90s cartoon series about the X Men? I like to think about Kylie like this:

anyway, read this article in the nytimes about the predictability of weather.

good news involving justin timberlake and the memphis grizzlies

you remember that rich guy that wants to buy the team? well he is gathering a group of memphis natives to form a minority ownership group, sort of as a show of good faith that he is committed to keeping the grizz in memphis longterm. justin timberlake is going to buy in as a part of the local ownership group, so eat your heart out jay z. the nets suck but the grizz are great! news news

worth it

you can buy the entire series collection of arrested development on amazon for $26.99
. that's less than thomas wilhelm spends on animal crackers. via.

the last twilight you will ever need

who cares. bring on mockingjay!

thomas wilhelm's spirit animal


for a future scary movie night methinks. read richard lawson's rundown of the upcoming fall/winter movie season.

did you see?

oh god oh god oh god oh god TOO MUCH.

anna della russo wants to teach you something about fashion

thx ms.dangles
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