09 May 2011

what is uno doing?

omg i have to show y'all these! 
so, uno had a little medical issue. something about a street fight with another cat and an injury on his back. apparently he had a little minor medical procedure ("it's not minor anymore"), and LOOK!
"i think he's thirsty." -neely
ugh, life is hard.
 maybe if i go to sleep, i'll wake up from this nightmare.
neely also told me that superior kitty, holmes, took one look at uno and hissed in disgust. she said she's never heard him hiss before!
holmes ran under the bed and wouldn't come out, but i suggested she offer him his favorite fleece string, and it did make him feel better after all. 


omg look!

ktv and beeun made tonight's official preds program!

looking great, guys!

what's for lunch?????

"This is what a flood victim eats. Red pepper, seedless cucs, black bean hummus, topped off with an attractive drinking vessel." -rachel
attractive, indeed. thanks for sharing, rachel! what did the rest of you have for lunch?

lady gaga on HBO

i haven't watched the whole thing, but i caught the end of lady gaga's HBO concert special this weekend. this acapella performance of "born this way" with her backup singers was good enough to watch twice.

i tried to watch from the beginning yesterday, but it was just all too ridiculous. ima try again later. did you watch?

what is hank doing?

coming to terms with his adorable new haircute! thx erin!

im adorable

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