27 December 2010

youve got to watch this

this little calf was stuck on thin ice, so they called the local tv news chopper to come and use its powerful downdraft to blow the little cow to safety. seriously. make sure you stick around to :50 when the cow is trying to walk.

does anyone have directions to bunny island?

aka Okunoshima Island:
From The Mainichi Daily News comes a report that Okunoshima Island, home to the infamous Imperial Army’s lethal gas production facilities from 1929 to 1945, is now a place of refuge for hundreds of adorable bunnies.

what life sometimes feels like

the cat, i mean.

puppies for christmas!


another end of the year list

my favorite movies of 2010, by joel.

toy story 3
those little toys and their grim acceptance of their impending deaths made me cry real tears in the theater. best animated film ever?

i am love
tilda swinton knocks me out in this really beautiful italian film where the visual element makes up for an otherwise simple plot.

black swan
an academy award winning performance. drama drama drama! and sex and violence.

this one had everyone talking. it was loud, visually stunning, fast paced, and an original blockbuster.

the kids are alright
the performances are stunning.

joan rivers : a piece of work
joan rivers continues to make herself relevant. that in and of itself is quite an accomplished piece of work.

best 3D movie:
step up 3D

movies i havnt seen, that i am looking forward to.
127 hours
easy a
exit through the gift shop
the ghost writer
the kings speech
the social network
the town
true grit

but how do you... oh nevermind


meanwhile in brooklyn heights


whoa natalie portman is pregnant

insert obligatory fat joke here.
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