21 October 2013

the more you know

too cute!

thx jenny!

2Pz xmas wishlist

it's that time of year!!!

this is a "dream lites pillow pet" and i want one real bad.

look how sad and pathetic the suckeye band is.

jealousy of the pride of the southland's death-defying circle drill has driven them to cheap, embearassing circus tricks (start at 3:58).

no integrity.

thx starla. for nothing.

music minute with Ms. Dangles

that fox is winking at me


the oldest news on the internet

i saw this video over the weekend, and it cracked my shit right up. and i don't care how old it is. shut. your mouth.

you guys are just going to love this

The Vh1 TLC biopic comes out tonight, and T-Boz and Chili were interviewed on NPR this morning. You guys MUST listen to this. They are a riot.

Did you set your DVR?
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