15 December 2010

he deserves it.

thx markie!

i want that.


excuse me, where do you think you're going?


murfreesboro attraction announcement!

i just received word from the internet that this enchanting creature is currently inhabiting the stones river mall. stop by and say hello.

look at this!

the nytimes infographic'd the results of the 2010 census for the entire country!

Life Adjustment Center by Ryan McGinley

his latest book is a complilation of recent work. a stocking stuffer for you christmas mantle. sorry (c)hanukkah losers your gift season has passed.

buy your copy at opening ceremony. chloe sevigny just lurves it.

whats for lunch???

according to @ChipotleTweets i will be eating memphis chipotle within the next couple of months. also, chipotle and I are on a first name basis now. my tent is pitched!

spring 2010 creepfest : scheduled.

does anyone have a canoe and a flashlight?

bronski beat :: why

cool springs galleria : famous!

southern accents for daaayyyzzzz! and a thrilling glimpse into the secrets of getting rich by working at sonic.

thx liz!
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