06 July 2012

not exactly

mr. erin LOVED east nashville and said he wanted to stick around, but we're a team now, so he made the rest of the journey to memphis. we just watched Murray advance to the final!
IRONY ALERT: i "rescued" mr. erin to keep a guy from taking him to a bar. now here we are, 1100 miles away at a bar.

that cat has real star quality

Nicole DiDonato, a field reporter for Grand Rapids FOX affiliate WXMI, was playfully mauled by a stray cat during a live report on the city's new designation as "Beer City USA." The feline first jumped on DiDonato's shoulder during a live tease for the segment, and then returned to finish the job during the on-air report. "Think he drew blood!!" DiDonato exclaimed on Twitter. via

nErD aLeRt!

presenting, the latest jam from diller scofidio + renfro. all i know about this project is this rendering and i love it.

public shaming time

i have it on good authority that DJV (RIP), after abandoning his life and everyone who loves him, and after packing up GPP's beloved betta fish, mr. erin, for whom we would've been happy to provide a healthy and well-balanced life, attempted to abandon said mr. erin fish in nashville last night, offering to leave him at KTV n BN's house.


joel, you owe me $500 (million) doll(h)a(i)rs.

Roger Federer had lost six of seven matches to Novak Djokovic, most recently last month in a dispiriting, straight-set affair in the French Open semifinals.
But that was on red clay during a soggy second week in Paris when it was even tougher than usual to breach Djokovic’s formidable defenses.
Wimbledon was rainy, too, on Friday. But Centre Court now has a retractable roof and so Federer, with his suspect back and grand plans, was able to stay safe and dry on his favorite tennis court; able to shift the momentum of a great rivalry back his own way with a stirring and surprising 6-3, 3-6, 6-4, 6-3 victory in the semifinals.
“Obviously I’m ecstatic; I’m so happy,” Federer said. “I played a great match today.”
At age 30, Federer, the smooth-moving and enduring Swiss champion, is now just one victory away from tying William Renshaw and Pete Sampras with a seventh Wimbledon singles title. He is also only one victory away from reclaiming the No. 1 ranking.

what is thomas wilhelm doing down in gulf shores right now?

the super moonwalk

DJV's first order of business in tennessee

bite me now.

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