12 March 2013

derek dooley's tacky ass house of broken dreams is on the market

Our loser former football coach doesn't need his ugly 5 bedroom/ 8 bathroom mansion anymore because he is going to work for the Dallas Cowgirls. If you have 2.9 millions of dollars, you don't mind living in Knoxville, and the smell of failure doesn't offend your nose, then check out the rest of the details here.

Ooooh! While you're traveling down the boulevard of broken promises that is former Tennessee coach houses, check out Bruce Pearl's home that is also for sale and is also tacky as fuck. Painted sky dome? via

its right behind me isnt it

bo obama tailing michelle on the white house lawn.

this puppy is tom hardy's jam now

via thx flim

this was my jam in the 5th grade

nothing to see here. just some wet puppies flopping around.

Newly weaned harbor seal pups make use of my old windsurf board. I mounted a remote GoPro camera and these posers seemed to know exactly where to perform! It had rained that morning and the slip n' slide ensued. These condensed clips occured over a period of about 30 minutes. via

this tiny little puppy wants to play soccer

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