30 June 2014

julie klausner's "what i read" is just great.

read it here.

deblasio family at the nyc pride parade

um, i honestly can't say who i love more in this photo, chiara or her dorkus malorkus dad/mayor of nyc bill:

puppy has best birthday


27 June 2014

you guys won't believe it, i found this video of thomas wilhelm's elementary school talent show and IT. IS. FABULOUS.

Boy Puts On Fabulous Lady Gaga Performance At School Recital from TheGailyGrind on Vimeo.


im still not tired of seeing weird versions of sia singing chandelier




happy weekend y'all!!!

looking for something entertaining to read?

sarah silverman interviews whitney cummings, and it's really delightful!

pinkies up for tea time



those beautiful thingies are 3d printed sugar cubes. out of SUGAR.

the crazies at the sugar lab also make pretty things like this




speaking of college boys

nom nom nom

that is all.

Jarnell Stokes is now a member of the Memphis Grizzlies NBA team

#goVols #goGrizz #Grit #Grind #Memphis

MU$☝☾ M☝NUT€ W/ M$D∆NG€L$ - Grimes feat. Blood Diamonds "GO"

finally ... a true summer jam 

This was originally written for Rihanna, but she passed on it...which I guess is all the better for Grimes and Blood Diamonds. 

26 June 2014

you see tha out. fit. bitch.

good news! the group stage of the 2014 world cup soccer has concluded, and i'm not surprised to report that i am #killingyouhoes in our group bracket.

following in a uncomfortably close second place is JOEL! #2Pz

I'M THE SOCCERPUS NOW. don't forget to make your picks for the knockout stage. single elimination. i believe that i will win.

bow down to our gif queen

whats going on in there

nymag recreated the first night of the ON THE RUN tour via social media

follow along

one moment doesn't define us.

great video borrowed from this guy. Game TODAY at 12 est.

25 June 2014


y'all, gawker has a psychic soccer-predicting clam named clam, and it's the best. a must watch.

triumph the insult comic dog has still got it.

"the bad guys stole my kitty bank"

this four year old hero can tell the difference between white people and black people.

great use of pugs

there are 3 videos.

nErD aLeRt!

peter zumthor tweaked his plans for the redesign of LACMA(luster), mainly by scooting away from the la brea tar pits, which are still pretty active fossil farms, and stretching over wilshire boulevard. also, frank gehry throws some real shade about the fact that zumthor basically just designed a big tar pit in plan.



this adorable little old hollywood statutory rape movie looks so good!

24 June 2014


we hardly knew ye.

happy first day of wimbledon!!!

makes me wanna play at mccarren real bad. #tennisreform

melissa, were you in memphis this weekend, or was this barbara?

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) -- Memphis Zoo officials have banned a woman after saying she climbed over a barrier to the enclosure where lions are kept and tried to feed them cookies.
The unidentified woman's actions were reported by other zoo patrons, who saw her jump the barrier and heard her singing to the animals. (via)

Communist Panda World Cup Predictor UPDATE

Guess what?!?! China spoiled our plans for a perfect bracket by BANNING these cuties from picking the winners...something about "safety and health reasons" and "human overexposure". #oyrchina

The good news is that they picked the next best thing to play and overdose on treats: TURTLES! I couldn't find very many cute photos of the communist turtle named Big Head but that's probably bc he is ashamed. Rumor has it Big Head picked losers like England, Japan, & Spain as winners (me too big head, me too-except Japan, WHAT WAS HE THINKING...like Japan could ever be good at futbol). Here's an action shot:

looking goood turtle.

FIFA tip of the day: if you are looking to improve your score (im looking at you ifyoumakeit) jump on the Shaheen bandwagon. This adorable little puppeh is giving our deceased octopussy friend a run for his money and also has a perfect picking record so far.

as a bonus our Shaheen already has a movie gig...here's his animated debut!!

MU$☝☾ M☝NUT€ W/ M$D∆NG€L$ - FKA twigs - "Two Weeks"

I love FKA Twigs. Sexy space age future past Egyptian royalty realness. 

FKA Twigs - Two Weeks
first single of the new album "LP1"

23 June 2014

who is your celebrity height twin?

we were 30 seconds away from automatically advancing to the knockout rounds... then THIS happened


the hubble telescope has been taking photos of this star explosion for the past four years.
in other star related news, i downloaded the "SkyView Free" app on my iphone this weekend and i highly recommend it if you are going to be looking up at all during these upcoming summer nights. it gives you all the information you are looking for and has some handy adjustable features. YOU ARE IN SPACE.

17 June 2014

something is happening in knoxville

controversial mural that used to be in the UC is going on display

what is dottie doing?

showing off her GORGEOUS first haircute!!! she turned one bear old yesterday.

thx ktv!

are you excited about your new emojis?

the magical emoticon guild banded together and released 250 new emojis yesterday. now all we have to do is wait for apple to render them and update their emoji library (july?). here is a list of the new ones. i can't wait to see how thomas wilhelm will pervert these.

in other futbol news... USA! USA! USA! USA!

we beat the shit out of that tiny West African country!

here is an abbreviated version of the nymag gif recap

1) clint dempsey scored almost immediately

2) cheers cheers cheers unexpected delight

3) clint dempsey gets kicked in the face and it looks like his nose is broken but it isnt

4) ghana scores to tie the game in the 82nd minute

5) surprise! four minutes later an american boy knocks the ball in with his head and we're winning again!


keekerz speakerz

i can't stop listening to courtney barnett's album. try it on for size. old timey sound with a bit of twang, clever lyrics. it's a real treat.

Croatian Butts

the croatian soccer team may have lost their world cup match against Brazil, but then they took a long naked group soak int he hot tub, so we are all winners now. via

This is my current state / metaphor for life


these two tornados scissored all over nebraska yesterday.

the twooooooooooo sisters.
A storm in Nebraska produced an extremely rare pair of tornadoes this evening as it tracked through the northeastern part of the state. Multiple vortices are common in the strongest tornadoes (think Joplin), but two large, distinct tornadoes side-by-side like this is almost unprecedented. (via)
did you know that gawker has a weather-related subset called the vane? that is right up my tornado alley.

bonus link : read this awesome wikipedia about the 1965 palm sunday tornado outbreak, the last recorded #doubletornado #twistersisters

16 June 2014

new j hud single - walk it out

this is me for the rest of the summer

that new tinashe joint

13 June 2014

The Old Stop Motion Paddington:

Paddington (BBC 1970's version) tries to decorate:

Also this is how Joel and I will be decorating our apt.

i just wished starla a happy cornhole eve...

...and she told me this is how she was feeling.

i think it bodes well.

12 June 2014

two of the smartest ladies there are in conversation

terry gross interviewed hillary clinton on fresh air.

brb kindle-ing "interesting hard choices". 



important futbol stuff - hot guys edition

thank you PAPER magazine (experts at all things beautiful) for putting together this extensive list of the hotties that are going to make watching futbol enjoyable for the next few weeks. who do you think is the hottest of the hot??? leave your faves in the comments. Vogue has a pretty good list too.

my picks:

look at this nypost headline


Jang allegedly boasted that he “wanted to be on the news” and was planning a “tragedy,” according to a criminal complaint.
The comments prompted the woman to go to cops.
She told cops that she saw Jang draw a map of the office, putting red “Xs” where workers he hated sat. Around her seat, and his own, he put a circle.
The disturbed man was going to warn her not to come to work when he planned to carry out the alleged attack, the complaint said.
He had also asked about the time of the next meeting “where everyone from work would be together” — and said he’d “stay quiet until then,” court papers said.
When she confronted him about the creepy diagram, he “crumpled it up and put it in his pocket, telling her it was ‘nothing.’ ”


U! S! A! U! S! A!

well, this is pretty short notice.

i just got to work and realized the world cup is starting this afternoon. thought maybe we should do a 2Pz bracket to force our american selves to care. JOIN RIGHT HERE!

i'm going to kill you hoes.

11 June 2014

k. michelle's answer

Get your shovels out...

some rich bitch is hiding money in Manhattan and Brooklyn this weekend. As in, literal buried treasure.

Does anyone else feel like the idea of  paying it forward/spreading the wealth is going to be ruined by greedy, violent, resourceful New Yorkers?

10 June 2014

which psychic animal will you get your world cup predictions from?

here are your options:

shaheen and waslawi, the mama and baby camelz. they signal their picks by eating from piles of "mushed up dates" placed next to country flags.

nelly the elephant. i think her method is fairly self-explanatory. 

an unnamed baby panda of china's choosing. the cub (who has been invited to make predictions, but not yet introduced to the world) will climb trees with flags on 'em.


really normal dog stuff

thx emilube!

longest shake shack line in history

i hope you werent planning to enjoy one of those special anniversary edition shake shack burgers we told you about, because...
The original Shake Shack in Madison Square Park opened for business some 30 minutes ago, but it apparently has already attracted the longest line of customers ever recorded in the burger chainlet's ten-year history. Of course, Shake Shack is running a promotion this week in which five notable chefs contributed a limited edition burger, to be served one day only, and only 1,000 of each, so there's that. David Chang's "Shrimp Stack" burger is now being served, and while the ever-trusty Shack Cam shows the line is moving, it also stretches around the park. And then some. (via)

don't never watch this - anything goes!

this is a baby goat stampede.

get acquainted because DUMBO is about to get a goat farm art installation:
Artist Andrea Reynosa, who lives across the street from the “rat-infested, neglected lot” at 1 John Street that will be turned into a 42-condo development this summer, built a 6,000-sq-ft field full of green clovers on the site that will “blush crimson” (i.e. turn red) when the weather warms up.
Reynosa plans to bring in goats to “eat the clover in order to make way for condos,” reports DNAinfo, which is actually pretty neat. The installation, called John Street Pasture “was a great marriage of all of our views, including the developer, of what we wanted to do with the lot. The result is very simple and sparks a conversation about land use and sustainable agriculture in a transitioning city,” said Reynosa. The goat-free version is currently on view. (via)

lena does sia. with sia.


09 June 2014

MU$☝☾ M☝NUT€ W/ M$D∆NG€L$ - Nancy Sinatra - You Only Live Twice - Lee Hazlewood's version

Did you Know? - For Nancy's commercial release of the song Lee Hazlewood (Nancy Sinatra's long time collaborator and producer) reworked the original composition into the key of C and added multiple vocal tracks, brass and some western guitar punctuations:


Jarnell Stokes would make an excellent Grizzly

i would want to swim in puppies

nightmare scenario


are you finished with OITNB yet?

read this OITNB-glit fashion crossover piece, where the gals dish about working on the show.

California Adventure, by Michael De Angelis

CALIFORNIA from Michael De Angelis on Vimeo.

dev is a carpenter


MU$☝☾ M☝NUT€ W/ M$D∆NG€L$ - Grimes & Blood Diamonds "GO"

Originally written for (but not taken up by) 
Rihanna, Grimes performed at her Governor's set this weekend.

06 June 2014

poor thing

fridayz with flim: summer friday edition

me joel and ro are having our semi-annual #huntykiki so get ready to be instagram jealous of all our fun in the pool. happy summer fridayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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