12 August 2010

tax cut info-graphic

comparison of democratic and republican tax plans, and how much they save for each income bracket. [washington post]

cat show!

today in new york city at the algonquin hotel was the cat fashion show. please look at these pictures.

playing dead

this plucky little british lass was playing dead on her street when google street view rolled by taking pictures.

everyone was aghast. except her mom who said:
"I understand how some people might have thought the picture looked like a dead body—I just wish she was that quiet all the time."

from gawker, suggested by kylie in transit.

the best five books on everything

Become an instant expert
Every day an eminent writer, thinker, commentator, politician, academic chooses five books on their specialist subject. From Einstein to Keynes, Iraq to the Andes, Communism to Empire. Share in the knowledge and buy the books.

seems like a great way to get specialized book recommendations about specific topics that may interest you.


rob just sent me this and i wondered if swiperboy had any new jams out. and i found this hot music video shot on the beautiful university of tennessee campus! doyougohere-igohere!

love you SB!

corgi flop


oh boy i found a gem

kylie's post made me want to go to govolsxtra.com where i found one of the greatest news clips ever. SWIPERBOY ENTERTAINMENT

you may know swiperboy as renaldo wooldridge of the tennessee basketvols, but he is also a youtube rap sensation. click that. trust me.

my god "say yes" is a dirty song. nsfchildren.

oh, you know what?

... 23 days!!!

there is no way i can come close to the glory of last year's countdown, so this year i'll take a different approach.

now, i been hearing lots of bad news about the vols off the field, but it just occurred to me that i don't know a lick about who will be running through that T on september 4th. get ready to learn a thing or two.

allow me to introduce our 2 QB candidates:

matt simms
all you need to know about him is that he is from franklin lakes, smell jersey! you know, home of the housewives. he played for louisville in 2008, but clearly realized his mistake (being in kentucky), and has come to see if he can fill the shoes of the great johnathan crompton! oh, and get this: his brother is a tennessee titan!

tyler bray
swwoooooooonnn!! tyler's a freshmen all the way from california. here's all you need to know: lane kiffin recruited him, and tyler's entire family moved to knoxville to support him. a few days later, lane kiffin up and left. tyler decided to honor his commitment and stay with the vols. god bless him.

right now, matt simms is currently the front-runner to win the starting position. and that's ok, i suppose. tyler's time will come. i'm just glad they're both here, and can't wait to see them play!

another informative article

in other brooklyn food news

a crumbs bakery just opened on montague in b-heights. i've never had their cuh-caykes, and i've heard they suck. but i'm going to try one anyway, as it is on my way home, and maybe i have a little bit of a sweet tooth today.

for the next 2 weeks, you get a free coffee (hot or iced!) with any purchase. this saturday, they're giving away 1000 free cuh-caykes, so maybe you want to stop in on your way to the cornhole tourney, just sayin'.

oh noooooeess!!

brooklyn's culinary institution, grimaldi's pizza, is one of the few things that can draw the casual tourist out of manhattan. they have notoriously long lines at almost any time of any day. andthey also owe a buttload of back rent and taxes, and are dangerously close to eviction. ;(

broken bells interactive video

internet music videos (interactive, 3d, or both) seem to be a new trend. this one is totes fun.

dan humphrey bein' a semi-douchey dreamboat

Bullett Magazine + Penn Badgley from BULLETT MAGAZINE on Vimeo.

he's got the rob pattinson singing voice problem.

new kanye w/ beyonce!

lil kim thursday!


carly's latest google got me interested in watching some more flugtag videos, and look at the gem i found:

there isn't anything wrong with this scene.

"hey, nice to meet you zac efron."

two francos in convo. mostly about zac efron coincidentally.

i dare you to convince me DADT is a just policy

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