01 February 2012

y'all ready for the super joel?

 Look at my new hat, it's corduroy! Go Pats!
It came in one of these flat rate envelopes. Isn't that weird?

Real Mature Guys

A Little Birdie Told Me...

that Starla is planning to run a marathon in San Diago, and now this thing has washed up on the beach in "America's Finest City" (oyr!).
Coincidence? I don't thinks so.

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that'll do just fine.

what is dharma doing?

see her?

hunger games get literal

the symbols cover art for the hunger games books have been immortalized in icing on these cupcakes. via.


are you describing yourself?

read this fascinating article about how to decorate like a boss, entitled "dictators of taste". that happens to be my title as well. here are some tips:
How to get the look: when you’ve got Ferraris outside, get Versace inside
Big it up Make everything miles too impressively big for comfort or practicality. It works every time.
Go for gold Slather every possible surface with gold. The furniture, walls and ceiling mouldings – even the statuary. It says wealth/pride/power at a stroke.
Go repro The old architectural and furnishing styles of absolute monarchy really do the business – lots of decoration, lots of power symbolism. (But dictators don’t like the real thing. Antiques are old and often shabby and that doesn’t cut it. Better to buy new.)
Think French while you’re in that repro mode. Repro French decoration and furniture has been the taste of thrusting big money for 150 years. It’s fancier, curvier and altogether golder (ormolu) than anything Anglo-Saxon.
Think hotel The design style that’s most influenced dictator decor is the look of big city grand hotels with their eclectic mix of pastiche styles and their oversized public spaces. Go for glass Get giant mirrors and chandeliers the size of cars to add to the fantasy value of those gigantic rooms.
Make it in marble Marble is the material of emperors. Marble makes things important, expensive and everlasting. So put it everywhere. Floors and walls, columns, tabletops and in sexy statuary. New shiny marble, of course, not dull old stuff.
Get big important pictures – 19th-century oils. Until recently contemporary art was seen as pointless and ugly in dictatorland. And Old Masters were often just dark and grim. But art pompier really does the business. Have your portrait everywhere. The most important pictures – the only ones that really matter – are of you, the Dear Leader, the superhuman. Feature yourself doing something heroic or mythological – or just meeting other Great Dictators.
Involve brands Increasingly, dictator style is a branded game. Everyone knows the global luxury brands. You’ve got Rollers and Ferraris out front so get Versace sofas and D&G curtains inside. Buy anything with animal heroes Lions in marble, eagles in gold. Everyone knows what they mean – they’re Roman, they’re Napoleonic, they’re just like you! (via)

it's official. starla is running the san diego half

your national signing day football roundup

i don't know much and it's hard to wade through all this information, but here's what i can tell you.

please welcome.....DRAE BOWLES!!

he's our top recruit so far. he's from jackson, tn and he's a wide receiver and he seems real sweet. he'll join pig, who you've met already.

we're still waiting to hear from a few more but right now we are 23rd best recruiting class in the nation, a bit of a downgrade from last year.

i'll try to let you know if anything else happens.

i DO have some other football related news!

smokey had surgery! he's doing just fine!

"The surgery went well with no surprises," said Dr. Darryl Millis, orthopedic surgeon and surgery section chief at UT Veterinary Medical Center. "Smokey is a very fit dog with good muscle tone."
Millis performed the 2½-hour operation Tuesday. A day later, Smokey was on the move, just not as quickly as usual.
"He's a competitor," Millis said. "He wants to be up and moving." (via)

and finally...

that is all.

feel like having a lunch time cry at your desk?

Bailey got a special gift at school on her 6th birthday. Her father, Sgt. Adam Page, surprised while she was giving a presentation at school. Sgt. Page had been serving in Afghanistan and came home early. He is now stationed close to their home in Utah.


winter is coming

game of thrones is so much fun to watch, and i cant wait for season two.





he's (dogs are boys) my early fave of the puppy joel roster, which you can view here! who do you like?!

thx erinbaker!

bonus link : best super joel commercials featuring puppies

my dad's a winner!

over the weekend, he played in the par-3 tournament at old fort in the boro, and beat EVERYONE! 78 other people, including the pros! and he and his partner were the only ones to finish under par. AND he won the closest-to-the-pin prize on #8.
The 2nd annual OFMGA Par 3 Challenge had the Old Fort Golf Club showing it's teeth with cool and windy conditions making shooting a quality score very difficult. The team of Mark Kaiser and Richard Petrusha fired an awesome 2 under par 52 and were the only team in the field to best par. They also were the only team to win the "Beat the Pros" prize as Marty McCurry and Tracy Wilkins fired and even par 54. The two under par score might not seem that low but the conditions were brutal with very hard hole locations and tricky teeing grounds sprinkled throughout the course. (via)
congrats dad!!!

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