18 July 2013

music minute with Ms. Dangles

nErD aLeRt!

this is incredible.

nErD aLeRt!

look at this awesome building in birmingham, englad that i never knew about. it's a selfridge's department store, whatever that is. doesn't it look like a despicable me character?
what IS that?!!?

2Pz trendsetters trend piece : the five fund

i was just listening to the latest episode of all songs considered, and steven told me about a thing he does called "the five fund". here's what you do:

every time you get a $5 bill, you put it in a coffee can (or whatever) for saving. when i told joel about it, he asked "then what?", to which i replied "wait for a rainy day!!"

i'm going to try this, and you should too. let's talk in december and see how much money we're swimming in.

2Pz trendsetters trend piece : candy crush saga

or as it is called, adorably, by thomas wilhelm: CANDY CRUNCH.

candy crunch is this summer's hottest trend, and if you're not playing it, then you are a complete nobody. please read this informative piece about its development and inner workings. here are some highlights:
"Sometimes I just go into the bathroom and sit on the seat and play," a colleague confessed, describing some quality in-office downtime. "I don't tell many people that . . ."
When it comes to the sound effects, we have a fun story there—you know the "Delicious" the voice [that happens when a player is on a hot streak or wins the game]? Originally it was a funny French accent, but that wasn't appreciated, so we changed it and we did kind of a petition on the website to have different people trying it and found this rather deep voice that felt really good in the concept.
We try to make sure from the beginning with Candy Crush that you should be able to complete the game without having to pay. Of the people on the last level (currently level 385) 70% of those players haven't paid to get there.
In Hong Kong, one of every seven people in the country plays the game on the daily basis.


 Faith:  omg kirsten dunst
how did that snaggletooth get famous
 me:  who knows

buttercup couldnt make it up the steps

thatz okay though. looking real good buttercup.

have you ever wondered what it would look like if an panda that lives in atlanta gave birth to twins

then you've got to see this crazy shit.

our blessed mother TINA TURNER is getting gay married to her boyfriend

congrats tina.

we wish you all the happiness in the world. sitting on a pile of money in switzerland.
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