06 October 2014

something TERRIBLE happened in central park this morning

a dog walker found the dead body of a baby black bear on the west side near 69th street. no one yet knows how it died, or how it got to central park. foul play! someone call J.B. Fletcher! dead bears can't tell secrets! nytimes

abandoned smoky mountain stuff

yesterday, huffpo misleadingly posted a story about a hiker "discovering" an old abandoned town in the great smoky mountains of east tennessee. today, the tennessean snarkily responded that everybody who knows anything is aware of this place, which was a vacation resort before the area became national park'd.

regardless, i want to spend a night there.

we may have lost but we must never forget the precious gift we received on saturday.


ummm, david lynch is writing and directing new episodes of twin peaks for showtime

have you seen the original? mike and i watched it a few years ago, it is super weird television stuff. via.

a$ap rocky (feat. juicy j) - multiply

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