30 November 2010

love and other drugs movie review

i went with ashley last night to studio on the square to watch love and other drugs, the cute one with jake gyllenhaal and anne hathaway. it was a charmer. on a scale of zero or eleven biscuits, i give it.... 11 BISCUITS! it can be seen as a pretty formulaic and predictable rom-com, but the performances by the two leads really elevate the entire film. it is funny, sexy, witty, and yet, sometimes cloying. the story gets a little soggy for me when it takes itself a little to seriously and tries to comment on the state of healthcare and the role of pharmaceutical companies. but, its a fun film, and there is a lot of flesh, so take your main squeeze and go see it.

taylor and jake in nashville

again this morning. at the frothy monkey. drinking coffee. again.

Monument to Pope Alexander VII

I wrote about Bernini in my college and grad school theses.

marble quarry

The Ecstasy of St. Teresa

Bernini :: Santa Maria della Vittoria

winnie the pooh mental disorders


cidade de deus : rio de janeiro

did you ever see that brazilian drug movie city of god? you should totally netflix it. one thing i learned watching the wire is that drug dealers exist and are richer that you are. check out the rest of these pics of rio's war on drugs. they are trying to clean up in anticipation of the olympics in 2016.

RIP Oscar Wilde

he died today a hundred and ten years ago. he also wrote one novel, which may be the best ever written: the picture of dorian gray.

in honor of the independence of barbados

here is her shining star.

daily ri ri

happy independence day barbados!

did you see carlygoogles?

she has an article about smokeybear.com which may be the most informative website on the intertubes. check out the vintage posters. claaaasssic.

all the best animals are named smokey, ya herd?

don't be an uneducated moron

read my friend kellan's article about light vs dark in the beer game.

after you finished that, read my friend ashley's article about memphis: miserable or misunderstood?

24/7 all songs considered

this has been going for a while now, but i'll tell you about it anyway. npr has set up a 24/7 stream of every songs they've ever featured on the show in the 10 years its been on. and this week they've added holiday songs. so if you need something to listen to, click on over here.

an early christmas present for joel.

brb outside : the motherfucking martha stewart show

don't be jelly.
the subject of the show was VERY topical: sustainable seafood, and we had to sign a release form. gulp.
john asked martha where he could find good stationary in the city...
...and martha suggested a store that closed over a year ago.
did you see us on tv?

don't eat me.

this is from a really neat slideshow. thx susanne!

bees love candy, just like the rest of us.

i just loved reading this article this morning. these bees are so adorable.
Cerise Mayo expected better of her bees. She had raised them right, given them all the best opportunities — acres of urban farmland strewn with fruits and vegetables, a bounty of natural nectar and pollen. Blinded by devotion, she assumed they shared her values: a fidelity to the land, to food sources free of high-fructose corn syrup and artificial food coloring.
And then this. Her bees, the ones she had been raising in Red Hook, Brooklyn, and on Governors Island since May, started coming home to their hives looking suspicious. Of course, it was the foragers — the adventurers, the wild waggle dancers, the social networkers incessantly buzzing about their business — who were showing up with mysterious stripes of color. Where there should have been a touch of gentle amber showing through the membrane of their honey stomachs was instead a garish bright red. The honeycombs, too, were an alarming shade of Robitussin.
“I thought maybe it was coming from some kind of weird tree, maybe a sumac,” said Ms. Mayo, who tends seven hives for Added Value, an education nonprofit in Red Hook. “We were at a loss.”
An acquaintance, only joking, suggested the unthinkable: Maybe the bees were hitting the juice — maraschino cherry juice, that sweet, sticky stuff sloshing around vats at Dell’s Maraschino Cherries Company over on Dikeman Street in Red Hook. (via)

slippery slope.

apparently, it's acceptable among foodies to eat bears. i don't care for this trend one bit. pictured above is (brace yourself).... a bear dump.

wrong in so many ways. for example:
Then there is the biological fact that bears a) are omnivores like us, and b) look disturbingly like people when skinned. The American Indians put bears in a different spiritual place in part for this reason. Of all the things humans eat with any regularity, bears come closest to being us.
if you like eating people, you'll love eating bears.
My first impression is that bear looks like lamb. Very red, but far lighter than venison and darker than most pork. Closest match would be the darkest part of a high-quality pork shoulder. I put my nose up to the meat and inhaled. Surprisingly, there was no smell. Everything I'd heard about bear was that it was smelly.
What to do with this meat? In the kitchen, the most important thing you need to know about bear is that it is the single biggest vector for trichinosis in North America. No one gets trichinosis from domestic hogs anymore, but they sure do from wild boar, bear and, oddly, walrus.
in case none of this deters you, and you'd like to learn more about murdering and devouring nature's most delightful creature, there is a recipe in the article. and it is kind of entertaining.

29 November 2010

your oscar hosts

the academy decided to go out on a limb and hire young, attractive, talented, funny movie stars to host the oscars this year.

i cant think of any reason this wouldn't work. great idea.

via via

infographic : health and wealth

watch this visualization of the world-wide progression of health and wealth over the past centuries. via.

joyeux noel monsieur ford

tom ford was guest editor for the december issue of french vogue. they released a bunch of pics from the issue, and terry richardson who shot one of the spreads released some behind the scenes stuff on terry's diary. there is one of terry and tom making out. via. go pic up a copy at your local periodical distributor.

how to be a responsible fish eater

Good news everyone! As you may know, ever since I read The Whale Warriors, I have felt a call to protect our greatest natural resource: the terrifying ocean. My battle cry, "Fish IS Murder!" has generally been met with some skepticism, but now thanks to Martha Stewart and the Blue Ocean Institute, every meal can be an opportunity to learn an important lesson. I can't wait to sit down for a kla$$i meal and pull out my new iphone app so I can discover which fish dishes are murder, which will kill you slowly with mercury poisoning, and which are just fine. Until then, enjoy your vegetables!

titan down, plz.

did y'all see this titan fight yesterday?

robyn loves giving us internet presents.

here's her new video for 'dancehall queen'.

Good Morning

I'm Back...

28 November 2010

november 2010 fail compilation

my favorite is at 1:23 AHHHHhhhhPLOP
and 4:53

Happy Belated BEARthday Tina Turner!

lady turned 71 this weekend. rock on.

taylor and jake in nashville

at fido. drinking coffee. again.
is taylor old enough to go to a bar?

there is also a picture of jake's junk from his new movie going viral on the internet. im not going to show you because this isn't that kind of blog, but you can go here to see. via.

what is kismet doing?

tom ford heels, by terry richardson


what i anticipate monday feeling like.

25 November 2010

24 November 2010

squirrel fight!


seattle slip and slide

remember that random seattle snow? it turned to ice. via

why is an American bird called a Turkey?

Centuries ago, Constantinople was an important hub of international trade, where merchants sold goods from Africa and the Far East to distributors in Europe. These products, instead of retaining a sense of their origin, often became known by the nationality of the exporters. For example, Persian rugs sold wholesale by Turkish vendors were called "Turkish rugs." In turn, one popular type of bird shipped from Africa, called a Guinea fowl, became known as "Turkey cock" throughout England.

And, when British settlers arrived in the New World and encountered a large woodland bird that looked a bit like the Guinea fowl fowl they'd grown fond of eating back in England -- perhaps out of confusion that the two were the same species, or maybe in longing for something familiar so far from home -- they ended up referring to this bird as a "Turkey cock" too. Later, it was shortened to simply 'turkey'.

Another factor that helped perpetuate this unusual choice of names occurred when these new North American birds became a popular commodity throughout the world -- sure enough, mostly by way of Turkish merchants.

Ironically, the name of turkeys in the Turkish language is even more geographically off base; their called Hindi, short for "bird from India." The Turks, better than anyone, knew the birds weren't from their homeland, but may have originally thought they came from India -- thanks to a little miscalculation by Columbus.

so, enjoy your turkey cock, folks! source.

more spiderman promotional material


here's a new robyn song you might like.

Call Your Girlfriend by robyn

ugggghhh jelllyyyyyybeanzzzz!!!

last night kanye put on a surprise show at the bowery ballroom to celebrate his new album. i tried to get tickets but it sold out in about point-five-secs. they were also $100 each, so it was probably for the best. here's a video of kanye on stage with bon iver and nicki minaj for "monster".

and here's a report from nymag. apparently he said some shit about taylor swift or something.

happy thanksgiving eve.

this ran in harper's weekly 150 years ago. from the DISUNION blog. click2enlarge.
Winslow Homer’s editors asked him for an illustration to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday that week. They may have gotten more than they’d bargained for. (via)
i'm thankful that i don't live in a mid-nineteenth century tenement. what are you thankful for?

23 November 2010

kanye interviews rihanna

in a stroke of genius, interview magazine gets certified nutjob kanye west to interview pop princess rihanna for the cover story of their newest issue. read it here. really nice pictures too. via

QUOTE: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Admiral Michael Mullen

In your "Don't ask, don't tell" testimony earlier this year, you argued that the policy is a threat to morale, because it undermines the honor and integrity of soldiers. What led you to that line of thinking?

I have a very difficult time leading an organization—one of whose pillars is integrity—and asking people to lie every single day they come to work.

kelis has the worst timing

she released a music video yesterday. like there wasnt anything else going on that the music bloggers wanted to talk about. directed by rankin

it randomly snowed in seattle


thats officer Momo to you, sucker


BAHAha hHA hah H AHAH ha

from carly

kim's new song.

can you make it through the whole thing?

and is it just me or does she look pregnant?

UPDATE: omg she IS preggers!!

what is john's mom doing this week?

campin' out at best buy for her own firstness. she's going to get him all kinds of christmas presents from best buy at the black friday sale in 4 days. hurry up and get out there! you're all already late!

kanye west :: my beautiful dark twisted fantasy :: review

11 million biscuits!!!

i'm calling best album of the year, after 3 listens.start listening now and never stop.

fave track so far: "monster" (feat. bon iver, rick ross, jay-z, nicki minaj)

there are literally thousands of people on it, and every single one of them kills it. it is IN. sane.

things are happening...

....in south korea:
The South Korean military went to “crisis status” on Tuesday and threatened military strikes after the North fired dozens of shells at a South Korean island, killing two of the South’s soldiers and setting off an exchange of fire in one of the most serious clashes between the two sides in decades. (via)
careful, y'all.

thx joey.

alligators vs. stupid people and really stupid cat

this is funny. but why doesn't anyone exhibit a healthy amount of respect for those dangerous reptiles? must be florida.

thx liz!

nyc bike share

we're getting one!
New York City is preparing to set up the largest bike share system in the nation. The city is issuing a request for proposals for one-way, short-term bike rentals, a system that has augmented the transportation network in dozens of European cities as well as in Denver, Minneapolis, and Washington, DC.
“We’re ideal for it," Sadik-Khanhas said. "We have the density. We’re flat. Eighty one percent of people in the central business district of Manhattan don’t own a car. In this age of transit cuts, this is an ideal way to add to New York's transportation system." (via)

22 November 2010

the jay-z you DIDNT know

did you know that when shawn carter was 12 he shot his older brother eric? apparently eric was a drug addict and was trying to steal a beautiful ring from the young hova when he was shot.

dont mess with jay-z. ever. via.

from ellen degeneres

"For this photo, they lined up their family: tallest to most accident prone."


bringing Buffy back from the great beyond

warner brothers is going to reboot the buffy the vampire slayer franchise with a fresh movie reportedly dealing with a more grown up post high school titular heroine.

now i love the original movie, and i adore sarah michelle gellar and the joss whedon WB classic tv series, but that doesn't mean that im going to dismiss this movie out of hand. so go for it warner brothers! via

mr whedon on the otherhand is less than enthusiastic.

sorry this is about rihanna again

if my review made you want to buy LOUD, you should know that groupon is selling it for only $5

buy it here.

non- rihanna related music post

swiss miss :: spiderman, turn off the dark

have you seen any of the pics from the upcoming broadway behemoth that is spiderman turn off the dark. check it out. bonkers.

Napoleon I, by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres

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