22 July 2011

there's no way that's not a cheese ballz container.

read this sad / happy story about a bear in the smokey mountains, rescued from his plastic prison by the kindness of humans.
"On every level he was in a deficit," Hammonds said. "For three weeks he had not eaten, had been breathing his own breath, and the only way he must have been able to drink was by lowering his head under water and filling up the jug." (via)
i won't lie, i woulda liked to've seen that drinking manuever! thx leigh anne!

omg, arizona, get OVER yourselves!

PHOENIX — The massive dust storms that swept through central Arizona this month have stirred up not just clouds of sand but a debate over what to call them.
The blinding waves of brown particles, the most recent of which hit Phoenix on Monday, are caused by thunderstorms that emit gusts of wind, roiling the desert landscape. Use of the term “haboob,” which is what such storms have long been called in the Middle East, has rubbed some Arizona residents the wrong way.
“I am insulted that local TV news crews are now calling this kind of storm a haboob,” Don Yonts, a resident of Gilbert, Ariz., wrote to The Arizona Republic after a particularly fierce, mile-high dust storm swept through the state on July 5. “How do they think our soldiers feel coming back to Arizona and hearing some Middle Eastern term?” (via)
JFC. get the sand out, you racists.
Not everyone was put out by the use of the term. David Wilson of Goodyear, Ariz., said those who wanted to avoid Arabic terms should steer clear of algebra, zero, pajamas and khaki, as well. “Let’s not become so ‘xenophobic’ that we forget to remember that we are citizens of the world, nor fail to recognize the contributions of all cultures to the richness of our language,” he wrote.
i'm glad at least one person in that state has some sense.

ps - i'm fairly sure 'haboob' is the phrase with which the countess greeted everyone in morocco.

where'd kylie go?

she gone picked up her new cornhole bags. "if that ain't love, then tell me what is"

what is chuck bass doing?

that's what i found myself wondering after reading erin baker's latest post. here are some answers:

shooting some new gossip girl scenes while wearing adorable pants. (c2e!)

driving a ferrari around in the hamptons!

oh and guess who was SPOTTED shooting scenes with nate...

spoiler alert retroactive.



i hope you get to go swimming for your bearthdie, because it is hot as hades today.
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