16 February 2012

oh no

i thought that THIS would never happen.

presented without comment : honey boo boo child

and mom.

nErD aLeRt!

Around the world, only a few hundred people make a living as fulltime typeface designers. Two of them happen to live in Chattanooga, Tennessee, population 167,000, where they've embarked on an ambitious project to distill the city's artistic and entrepreneurial spirit into a font called Chatype. The goal is to help the city and its businesses forge a distinct and cohesive identity through custom typeface, sending a visual message to the world that Chattanooga—a rapidly growing city in the midst of a creative renaissance—is “more than just your average Southern town.”
Chatype came about when D.J. Trischler, a brand consultant, discovered he'd been sitting next to typeface designer Jeremy Dooley at their local coffee shop. The two became fixated on a question: What if Chattanooga had its own typeface? The idea may sound strange from an American perspective, but it's actually the norm throughout Europe, where even small cities employ custom typeface to distinguish themselves. In the United States, the only similar attempt was a failed one by academics in the Twin Cities, according to the Chatype team. Yet Trischler and Dooley say this is the first-ever attempt to create custom typeface at the grassroots level, rather than from the demand of a city government. (via)
what i learned from this video is that people that live in chattanooga are weeeiirrrddd....

bill clinton on pbs!

Watch Clinton Chapter 1 on PBS. See more from American Experience.

i was certain his nickname was going to be 'seabiscuit'. thx g!


thx g!

why you can't listen to adele's '21' on spotify.

Multiple sources confirm that Adele was willing to play ball with the streaming service, as long as the content was accessible only to paying subscribers and not to its freemium users. Spotify has a freemium-to-premium model: Users can gain ad-supported access to Spotify's entire music catalog for free; to remove the ads and gain mobile access, users have to pony up as much as $10 a month. Ultimately, Spotify decided it did not want to split up its content catalog, so as to create separate music libraries for paying subscribers and freemium users. Thus, it was essentially Spotify that decided against providing streaming access to Adele's content for paying subscribers--not the other way around. (via)
thx starla!

a new meme!

here it is! it started 6 days ago.

but guess what. it's already over.

that's unpossible

500 episodes.

holocene - fleet foxes

a bonny bear cover.
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