21 March 2014

LE1F - boom

2ooPz HooPz shame shower, for phil.

here is a list of participants who bet against the basketvols today:

@flimlim (gasp.)
@mizmargauxxx (GASP.)
@WvVolunteer2007 (#smh)

and also president barack obama.

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i hope you all have the basketvols advancing in your brackets.

when i'm given 3 tasks to do and it's friday at 4:10pm


why are the basevols so good this year?

they're off to a 17-2 start, and it might have something with their fun pre-game of "how fast can we clean up the field?". adorable.

i went to the Game of Thrones Barclays premiere

and it was a real fun time. they confiscated everyone's phones beforehand, though, so everyone was stuck enjoying the event IRL instead of hashtagging it nonstop. every five minutes you would reach into your pocket for your phone, but it was safely put away in an intricate paper bag system they set up outside in tents. eep.

the event opened with an adorable high school marching band who tooted the game of thrones theme song. they were sorely lacking in mics, however, so it sounded a little...sad. who cares though, because the next musical act was...COMMON.
he performed his song "ladder" from the GoT mixtape, catch the throne. 
then they announced the emcee of the night, HODOR. the crowd went bananas. then he intro'd george rr martin, who wore his shiniest going-out vest:
and the rest of the surprise guests, which were shae, samwell tarly, and arya, my fave (besides jon snow duh). look how cute and modern they all look!

they asked a bunch of questions, but i wasn't paying attention bc i was waiting for kit harington to pop out from behind the iron throne. oh wellz. BTW, they gave that iron throne away to someone in the audience, and george rr martin was like, "it's the perfect addition to any new york city apartment." lolz.

here's the dingdong that won the throne:
we were all uberjealous but then thought about having to carry that on the subway and guessed it was probably for the best. they played the premiere, and everyone bugged and booed and hissed and clapped. it was like watching tv with 7000 of your closest nerd friends. then it ended and we all had to pick up our cellphones back outside barclays. i would've used #longwait and #terrible to describe it but my phone was still in a paper bag somewhere. a great brooklyn night indeed.

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