14 February 2014

thomas wilhelm's valentine's day spirit animal

somebody give tomer a red bull. via

my valentines day spirit animal

tonight is dumpling night.

i hated this but i also couldn't look away.

unfortunately i can't find an embeddable vidya, but please you need to watch this.

the best door since they put it sideways on a delorean

Klemens Torggler evolution door gif

Klemens Torggler evolution door gif

See more of this wackadoo door here.

The only drawback I see is losing the drama of me slamming a door in a passive-aggressive fashion.

this pony has made the transition to a life inside

get the whole story here

❤❤❤ Wishing you all the heart animations you can handle! ❤❤❤

Happy Valentines Day xo DANGELZ

This is a rap video I made called Secret Notebooks 
for Half Straddle theater comapny on Vimeo.

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