10 January 2011

marcel the shell with shoes on

official sundance artwork. ceeyute.

danity kane is trending on twitter

beyonce vs beyonce

kylie: "good song, right?"
me: "right!"

Want to talk about Gwyneth Paltrow?

Well. I don't know if you have heard, but a couple of us peas went to the movies and saw Country Strong last night. We talked about it for a long time after leaving the theater, and all basically agreed that while the movie was a giant mess, it was so entertaining on top of the broken fundamentals that we each really enjoyed it.

For me, part of what really contributed to the success of the movie was the commitment of star Gwyneth Paltrow. She wasn't afraid to go for it and plant her flag at the top of crazy mountain.

The other good news was when I got home and found out that glee producer Ryan Murphy has confirmed that Gwyneth is coming back for two episodes on the back end of season 2, now filming. She and Mr. Schue are going to have a little romance, and probably do some singing too.

Also, did you know that though they have never met, Gwyneth and Rep. Giffords of Arizona are cousins?

out :: tom ford + richard buckley

as a replacement for their annual swimsuit issue, out is celebrating 23 same sex couples in a new feature called "the love issue"

cover girl tom ford is pictured kissing his partner of 24 years fashion journalist richard buckley.
other couples include ed droste from grizzly bear and a bunch of queer artists and executive types.

back together?

vanessa and zac were seen canoodling ("constantly touching and kissing each other") and dancing the night away in hollywood.

sounds like some late night publicists meetings are working out. consider zac re-bearded.

leaking computers... PAC MAN


john's going to the opera instead of watching his alma mater win the national championship.

look how disappointed cam is. 

all over the internet today

a brief history of conspicuous product placement in movies

lykke li :: i follow rivers

new music from the swede

if you liked her in country strong, you'll love her in THE ROOMMATE!

country strong, continued coverage

nymag wants to discuss the thrilling surprise ending of country strong, and what it MEANS. obviously dont read it if you dont want the best movie of 2011 to be all spoiled for you.

spoiler alert!

the white stripes + michel gondry

watch this gondry directed music video, then read the nymag interview where he calls his green lantern star seth rogen chubby and describes a missy elliot video he didn't get to direct.

b. spears : will you hold it against me

not if the next single is better. listen HERE

daily ri ri

rihanna and miss piggy minaj get cozy on the set of the video for nicki's song "fly" via
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