11 January 2012

that movie looks goood.

Getting Up: The Tempt One Story Trailer from The Ebeling Group on Vimeo.

reminds me of the diving bell and the burderfly.


wall of complimentz

11:18 AM Max: dude btw
  2pz has been KILLING it recently
11:21 AM me: "kylie: yay!
ask him what his favorites are"
 Max: thats like asking what part of the G&T i like...its the mix
 Max: its just cool bc its not singular focused
  i don't know what to expect besides interesting things
11:23 AM its not like "ok let me look at dogs"
  its a nice mix of things i like
  and new things
11:25 AM i just shared it on fb
  so now mass art will read it  and share it he did! Thanks for the support max!

i thought it would be like this

am i wrong?


John: oh
i'm sure it looks nothing like that
they have a sink in the bar
that is made to look like a woman bent over
so when you stand at it to wash your hands, you appear to be f-ing her in the a
i just can't
my chest gets tight just thinking about stepping foot in there

gchatz with keekerz

kylie: i just lurve this 'boys from the south' song
me: omg i know
kylie: kandi wishes she could write this song
me: you need to quit your kandi hatin'
im not going to stand for this
kylie: instead she'd be like "just try to take a bottle away from a drunk"
that's what country singers sing about right? bottles? drunks?
i dont hate kandi i like her!
me: then act like it
kylie: i think she's an amazing songwriter
and i wish she wasnt so tentative about her new venture
she's not giving her all for tennessee

raise your hand if you remember this song.

this song reminded me of it.

who gon' check me boo?

thomas wilhelm will like this.

i want a tea bath, i think.
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