27 October 2011

REM's last video.

don't hold your breath for anything to happen.

what are you doing this weekend?

look what i found on the internet.


if you're not a brooklyn magazine subscriber yet, you should be. it's a gorgeous (and funny!) quarterly publication, and some of our friends even contribute. today, over on the evil groupon website, you can get a 2-year subscripsh for 8 bones. totally worth it. go on.


me:  we should make up a dance called the vol walk
kylie:  yes
me:  maybe the old soft shoe is the vol walk
which means that [starla] and john both did a tenn. dance
kylie:  yep

how lucky are we?

Post-4 commemorations continue with a live DVD release offering footage of the four shows Beyoncé played in August at New York City's Roseland Ballroom. It's called Live at Roseland and will be available exclusively at Walmart beginning November 21. A deluxe live DVD package will also be available on November 29, and is slated to include bonus offstage footage, seven music videos from 4 (guess there's another one on the way), and more. (via)
i see you, solange.

miss you, ty ty.

feels like 98

terrible news!

richard lawson quit gawker! via gawker.
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