14 August 2014

Daphne Guiness (millionaire beer heiress) and David LaChapelle (video/ photo artist with queer sensibility) have teamed up for the first music video from her soon to be released first album

SHOWstudio: Evening In Space - Daphne Guinness / David LaChapelle / Tony Visconti from SHOWstudio on Vimeo.

i see you


if you forgot to get me a birthday present...

markus moestue travels norway on a self-built dinosaur bike
this'll do


an internet GIFt

thx longfingers!

how the sausage is made

17 days!

World's Smallest Woman joins AHS: Freak Show cast

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Also, how the hell does Jessica Lange's face stay so pretty? My guess is Botox.
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