05 June 2014

song of the summer?

this is a busted ass dj mustard imitation beat, am i right?

welcome back, ladies.

DJV!! time for a correspondent review!!

news flash: richard lawson liked the new tom cruise groundhog day action movie so you will probably like it too!

who wants to go see maleficent, edge of tomorrow, and x men days of futures past at williamsburg cinemas next week?

here's a deer entering a coffee shop upstate


reminds me of.


John Waters hitchhikes

to promote a new book about hitchhiking, John Waters took a reporter from nymag on a trip from the west village to the frick and back again. read all about it here


getting to know tinashe

i heard this song over christmas break while driving my mom's car around, but i could never find anything about her until recently. she's a singer / actor / former model with three mixtapes out (here's the latest), and an album on the way. her latest single "2 on" features schoolboy q and a dj mustard beat, and she performed it at rough trade in brooklyn just last night. i like it all.

freddie belle jones!

please skip ahead to 6:10 and just really enjoy yourself.

i do advise you to listen to the segment on the podcast (starts at 20:55) itself, because the freddie-belle-jones number goes on for a relentlessly long amount of time and it is just delightful.

our QB is a baby genius.

tennessee QB josh dobbs has been named in NFL's 14 smartest college football players of '14!
Spend a few minutes with Dobbs and you can understand why he makes this list. He started four games under center for the Vols last year as a true freshman, but still managed to keep his grades up in the aerospace engineering major he's picked. We're sure Alabama's defense is just as tough as honors calculus class. (via)
to answer your question: no, there were no georgia players on this list.

ohw my gahd

when performing bridesmaid duties, always leave yourself an out.

goat of your dreams

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