02 December 2011

adam carolla lets everybody know how he feels about #ows

nsfw. he's pretty riled up and he's an acehole.

10 days of my birthday zooventure

yesterday, you met the okapi. let us continue on our tour of notable bronx zoo residents.

please welcome.....a rOcK hYrAx!!!!!!

here are the things you need to know about a rock hyrax:

guess what their closest relative is. you'll never guess. srsly there is no way you could ever see THIS coming. that explains why they don't have chins. moving on. i know they're the cutest thing you've seen all day, but they live mostly in africa, so don't try to go out looking for them. their feet never get too dry, because they sweat out the bottom of them. also, they are draculas. they don't have to beg for nicknames, because they already have them. you can call them "dassies" or "rock rabbits", even though those make no sense at all. oh, and they poop as soon as they're born.


what do you think of LDR's latest?

i like it, unfortuantely.

grammy noms are out

The important categories are available after the jump. Tell us your votes in the comments.

rhodes scholarship UPDATE: BARD WINS!

Patrick Witt's loss (both to harvard and in life), was Ronan S. Farrow's (bard class of '04) gain as the Raptor went on to win one of the prized scholarships.  Not unlike friend of toops, Nscience, Ronan graduated from Bard when he was still a teenager. At the time, Ronan was known as Shamus. Congrats fellow Bardian!

oh yea, he's also Woody Allen and Mia Farrow's son, nbd.

if loving this is wrong, i dont want to be right


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