05 May 2011

set your tivos!

my cat from hell is the new dog whisperer!

thx midge!

91 movies.

can you spot them all? (c2e.) click here to cheat.

subtle sexuality

taylor-swift-esque music video from the office spinoff web-series, subtle sexuality.

this could be yours.

the home alone house is up for grabs!

the interior shots are crazy!


On a visit to Rome today, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made crucial headway with NATO allies in tackling the ongoing chaos in Libya. Clinton and Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini met with the Libya Contact Group—made up of representatives from 22 countries and six international organizations—for a three-hour summit that resulted in a unanimous decision to set up a fund to back the Libyan rebels. The fund will initially be fed by international donations and oil sales by the opposition, and will eventually draw from Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi’s own frozen assets, including some $30 billion now held in the United States. (via)
you go, girl!

lady gaga : judas (video)

guess what song madonna released in the same year as "express yourself" (the song lady gaga ripped off to make her last single, 'born this way'). next up: "cherish"

this goes out to memphis.

and bun-bun, too.

don't forget to watch parker posey on parks and rec while drunk on margaritas tonight!


puppies that want to eat a postman.

from the postman's blog.


check out this german airport model!

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