20 July 2012

"the line"

Spanish photographer Palíndromo Mészáros took the eerie images in his series "The Line" in western Hungary, where a retaining wall around a reservoir holding an aluminum company's toxic waste burst in October 2010, sending a million cubic meters of deadly sludge into surrounding towns and countryside.

A$AP rocky arrested for getting in a fight and then getting in a fight

"TMZ reported that 23 year-old MC was taken into custody after he got into a verbal dispute with an unnamed person in downtown Manhattan. In the midst of the confrontation, two bystanders reportedly began taking pictures of argument. When Rocky and the unnamed friend notice the two amateur photographers taking photos, they confronted them and a street brawl erupted between all four men." more here

What's for lunch: public school birthdie edition

tuna fish sandwich and watermelon slices.
(not pictured: chocolate milk)

this song comes back and haunts my brain basically every week and i don't even mind

twerkin' on a headstand

shout out from beyonce: "BRILLIANT. I think he did this video better than I did. :) Love B."

what the booze cruise was like

that about sums it up.

happy bearthdie, djv....

just keep swimming, ok?
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