20 September 2011

i'll watch that

the monkey and the puppy

via playtime is the best time

is that your baby?


#winning = getting faced by tina fey at the emmys


i hope so


What Did Joel Do This Weekend?

Robbed a Jo-Ann Fabrics down in Orlando so he could stock up on drag supplies:
"It's a whole gang of drag queens," said Amanda Marshall, manager of Jo-Ann Fabrics on East Colonial Drive in Orlando, where police arrested three suspects Sunday afternoon. "They were real upset when the police made them take their wigs off."
Nothing, and I mean nothing makes Joel more angry than having to take off his wig.
When confronted, some of the suspects handed over merchandise to the staff while others bolted through the front door. One of them, Demitri Marsh, Joel Melton 19 28, swore at a clerk and threatened to cut her before fleeing, reports state.
 That sounds like him.


have y'all seen it?

the race to a quarter-million?

send us a screen-shot of you with the 250,000th hit, and we'll promise you a prize!

for bun-bun (and justin hunter)

y'all know rachel, right? well, she's trying to disguise drinking as charity, and would like your help. she writes:
In a couple of weeks I am going to Kentucky to run a 200 mile relay and drink bourbon, possibly in tandem. My team, which consists of 11 people you don’t know + me, is participating on behalf of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The only way I know to cure kancer is by running and drinking. Because we all itemize, I know you’re looking to tack on some more charitable contributions this year. You probably also want to win points with Bun Bun. So, here is where you can make a generous donation. It’s nothing fancy like a Booze Cruise, but it’s the best I can do.
go on. make a donation, if you believe her. which i dont.

jk, i do. brb donating!!

oh and ps, justin hunter doesn't have kancer or anything. she just loves him a whole lot.
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