24 June 2011

thx beeun.

for introducing me to my latest obsession, gayngs. #sopranosax

new beyonce streaming!

over HERE!

UPDATE: i didn't think i was going to like it....but i LOVE IT! 11 biscuits!

Hey Miss USA, should Evolution be taught in school?

This is long but it is really interesting. I guess I didn't realize that people were still contentious about this. I guess I assumed that after the pope said evolution was cool with him, people would calm down.

Here's a quote that sums up almost every contestant's bet-hedging answer: "im personally a christian so I believe the Bible's version, but you can't push opinions or beliefs onto children so they need to know every side that's out there." Brittany York, North Carolina

I make a living pushing opinions and beliefs on children.

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